The Best Corporate Wellness Program Ideas To Encourage Office Health


Corporate wellness programs are all the rage in modern workplace healthcare. When implemented properly, they can lower business healthcare costs, improve the health and happiness of your employees and even foster better office relationships and communication. This all sounds great. Except, perhaps, to HR professionals like you, who were saddled with the task of coming up with corporate wellness program ideas to bring to your office. If that is the case, do not let yourself become aggravated. In this post, we have compiled the best corporate wellness program ideas out there, proven to have a positive impact on the office. If you are looking for the best, keep reading. Here are the top proven corporate wellness program ideas.


Who does not love a good bit of competition? This is especially true for businessmen, in particular. There are a ton of challenge ideas out there that have proven effective in offices across the country. Whether you decide to try a weightloss, fitbit or exercise challenge, you cannot go wrong. These activities will encourage office camaraderie and employee health and fitness. If you are looking for the best corporate wellness program ideas, challenges are definitely among them.

Wellness Pantries

This is one of the newer corporate wellness program ideas, but it has definitely proven effective. A wellness pantry is a common food area available to employees that provide healthy options for wholesale prices. These pantries provide a cheap alternative to unhealthy snack foods found in vending machines. Your employees are sure to head to the pantry over the vending machine, if it means they get to save some money. Out of the many corporate wellness program ideas available, this is one that is pretty simple to implement and requires very little upkeep. Why not give it a try?

Quit Smoking Incentives

If you work at an office where you know many of the employees are tobacco users, you may want to try implementing a program that rewards those that quit the habit. When you provide incentives to quit smoking, studies show that smokers are far more likely to quit. Corporate wellness program ideas like these will help to cut healthcare costs for the business. Less smokers means more healthy employees. Healthier employees are happier, more productive and visit the doctor less. Meaning you save money, and employees work harder. This is probably the very best wellness program to implement immediately.

Preventative Care Offerings

This is one of the best corporate wellness program ideas to help lower employer healthcare costs. If you are able to, offering preventative healthcare services at your workplace will definitely improve the health of your employees. Offering things like free, in-office flu shots just before the season hits can help ensure less sick employees and therefore, less absences. Less absences means more work getting done promptly and well. It also means healthier employees and lower employer healthcare costs. This is a great idea to try implementing at your office.

Policy Changes

This may be a bit difficult for HR professionals to swing by themselves. However, if you are able to get the ear of upper management, this is one of the best corporate wellness program ideas to take advantage of. Changing current policies that require doctors’ notes from employees who have missed work due to illness will discourage unnecessary doctor visits by employees seeking an excuse note. It will also lessen the likelihood that a sick employee will come into work, to avoid a doctor visit, and infect other employees. Encourage employees to use sick days and vacation time, as well. Also, try to implement a reasonable amount of sick days for employees. Your employees will healthier and more productive if you implement these changes.

These are some of the top, proven corporate wellness program ideas available to the offices today. If you are looking to try something new at your office, these programs will help make your employees happier, healthier and more productive. And that will mean less money spent by your employer on healthcare costs, which means management is happy, too. With these corporate wellness program ideas, everyone wins. Consider implementing them soon. If you have any other useful corporate wellness program ideas, leave them in the comments below. I am sure your professional colleagues will appreciate the help.

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