Best Employee Performance Tracking Software For Efficient Measurement


Technology has brought a lot of good things to businesses particularly with the introduction of computers and the internet. Business operations have been significantly improved with the help of technology. One area where technology, software to be specific, is creating a lot of advantages is human resource management. There are several software tools that can be used for the efficient measurement and management of employee performance. The following are some of the best among them:


This simple employee performance tool packs automatic tracking features. It’s a powerful all-in-one employee performance tracking solution suitable for any kind of business. It provides functions for a company’s performance management to categorize applications as neutral, unproductive, and productive in gauging each employee in the company. This software tool shows performance results for individuals and the entire company. It also lets agencies track their employees’ billable hours. Additionally, DeskTime enables the searching and elimination of wasted time, provides full tracking and advanced reporting features, and does not require manual data entry.


As the name implies, WorkflowMax is a workflow management software. However, it can also be useful in doing employee performance tracking. It comes with a time-tracking feature and also operates as a cloud-based job management application. It’s actually an all-in-one job management solution that also covers leads, quotes, and invoicing. WorkflowMax is being used by companies in the architecture, design, creative marketing, business consultancy, engineering, surveying, building, construction, information technology, and web service industries. What makes it a great employee time tracking software is the flexibility it offers as it allows employees to complete their own timesheets (to eliminate the need of manually inputting timesheet details) and as it supports the seamless integration of popular payroll software systems. It also readily shows who has been working on a job and how long the employee has taken to complete it.


Asana claims to be the easiest way for tracking teams and team performance. Its functions cover everything from start to finish without the need to use the two factor theory. It enables the checking of project progress without the need for status meetings, and even without the need to routinely send emails to ask for updates. Also, this team management solution allows users to convert conversations into actionable tasks and also features a “smarter inbox” that filters messages so only necessary updates are shown. Moreover, in its premium version, it is possible to set custom fields to track any kind of task. Asana provides customizable dashboards for checking progress in all projects.


Marketed as a software solution for creating a better workplace, TINYpulse is designed to help managers in improving workplace culture and boosting employee engagement and performance. It allows for real-time anonymous employee feedback, recognition (the Cheers for Peers feature), and results. This software is designed to help teams in continuously improving through frequent coaching. It allows managers to set goals and track performance to prevent unexpected year-end adverse situations. Moreover, TINYpulse supports the gathering of actionable real-time data and can also be accessed from anywhere, including through mobile devices.


Trakstar is one of the employee performance tracking applications in this post that really focuses on tracking and improving employee performance. On its website, it is being touted as a “simple employee evaluation software anyone can use.” It is a software that allows companies to “align goals, give instant feedback to peers, and make sure reviews are done well.” It is supposedly built upon the idea that people are happier and healthier when they know their work matters. Trakstar features the ability to create custom forms for employee reviews, 360-degree feedback, email reminders, and flexible reminders to suit various types of organizations. Surely, it can be used in combination with your ERP software for small business. It is also cloud-based, thus providing the convenience of being accessible anywhere and anytime.


Last on this list but definitely not the least is 15Five. It is dubbed as a “performance management software for the agile company.” This software is aimed at maximizing employee performance, enabling managers to become great managers and perform hassle-free OKR (objectives and key results) tracking. 15Five enables visibility for various company activities that matter, enhanced with automatically generated graphs and other useful visuals. Moreover, it encourages conversations among employees through its Questions section, which features separate tabs for company-wide, group, and person-specific Q&As. Even managers are being empowered with 15Five as it enables the resolution of issues before they aggravate, the spotting of brilliant ideas from employees or peers, and the elimination of the need for one-on-ones with employees to discuss performance, address problems and promote greater productivity. This software is almost as beneficial for business as sponsored retirement plans are for employees.

Employee Performance Metrics

No matter what software you use, there are some key employee performance metrics that you should incorporate into your management considerations. The four most importance measure of employee performance include the quality of work, employee efficiency, employee goals and training participation. When you include these four metrics, you are making sure that your employees are meeting your business needs. However, you are also ensuring that your employees are reaching their own personal goals as well. This is important for overall office morale and employee productivity. Make sure to use these employee performance measurement metrics to get the most out of your staff.

Employee performance monitoring and improvement software don’t always get labeled as such. Sometimes they are advertised with more emphasis on a particular function. The Salesforce competitors options featured above should help you find a great tool for your company’s employee monitoring and performance evaluation and improvement. All of them come with free trials so don’t hesitate consider giving them a try.

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