5 Best Dashboard Presentation Software Examples For Storytelling Ideas

Dashboard presentation software combines text, images, and graphic elements to tell stories. In business meetings or events, companies can communicate ideas effectively with the proper presentation slides. The best dashboard presentation software can keep audiences engaged while furthering their understanding. As a manager, you can use dashboard software to share information, map out ideas and tell compelling stories. To make your presentations pop, you can use this software to add audio, animations, video, and GIFs. Read on for the best dashboard presentation software example for storytelling ideas.

Business KPI Dashboards

Next, dashboard presentation software can create business goal KPIs. Business KPI presentations are critical to understand what is happening throughout the company. These dashboards bring the most important data to your attention. You can generate reports for morning meetings, quarterly goals or annual summative. In fact, you can setup alerts and notifications if there are changes to your most valuable metrics. This way, you can stay up to date about the business insights and needs. Certainly, you should integrate KPI dashboard presentation software to share key data quickly.

Single Metric Presentation

The best dashboard presentation software offers single metric layout examples. Using this time-based dashboard, you can monitor the progress of specific performance metrics. In addition, you can narrate the visual to show interactive reports where the business succeeds and needs support. There is also a way to track your goals on a day to day basis and the progress will evolve its performance monthly. Each layout can show all efforts in each time period to determine the checkpoint of your progress. Over time, that progress can show immaculate results to a better environment using the single metric dashboard layout.

Spreadsheet Dashboard Presentation

Spreadsheet dashboard presentations are another great example to visually share ideas. The best spreadsheet dashboard solutions allow you to pull data from 3rd-party apps within your business. By pulling data from various points, you can deliver higher levels of visibility to leadership. Furthermore, spreadsheet based software gives teams the flexibility to use their preferred tools and still share data organization-wide. Of course, the most popular dashboard software give you the options to collaborate in live time with colleagues. With regularly updated data, you can tell a story in the moment, even minute to minute.

Predictive Forecasting Dashboards

One advanced mechanism for dashboards when developing ideas is predictions. This is standard in many business operations. Predictive or forecasting dashboards can obtain the best possible data to strive for a better environment. Calculations are made when business data is entered in the dashboard while focusing on what can take place in the future based on past occurrences. The end source can show what has happened straightforwardly without all the mathematical equations and complicated situations. Business managers can visualize the future with the predictive dashboard and enter their status to strive for further goals with substantial power.

Financial Dashboard Presentations

Financials are a big key component in business management. When writing all the financials down onto the dashboard software, managers want to include all the details for their current standpoint, as well as their future goals for where they’d like to be. Using organizational charts, graphs, financial icons will engage the story in a beneficial way to show what is going on behind the scenes of a business. Once the staff grasps this idea of usage, then this problem will not be as complex and difficult to understand. Solutions will arise as changes are made to the graphs and a better environment will enhance the company.

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