How To Choose The Best Food Delivery Box Subscription For Your Office

In the modern office, many business owners are looking for ways to incentivize employees and attract talent beyond higher pay. One of the ways that some offices choose to reward their employees is by offering a food delivery box subscription for their office. For offices with a break room that can support it, allowing employees to pick from made-to-cook or made-to-eat meals delivered daily can be a great perk. With this in mind, more and more online food business owners are taking out long term contracts with food delivery box subscription companies. Here are five factors to consider when designing a food delivery plan for your office.

Outline A Budget For The Plan

Before any business owner decides what kind of food delivery service they want to subscribe to, they should decide how much they are willing to spend. Services that offer higher quality food, more variety, and more consideration for allergies are more expensive. It’s worth spending a decent amount of money on these programs as cheap or low quality food delivery programs may negatively impact employee morale. Business owners outlining a budget should keep in mind that typical food delivery subscription services charge between $7 and $12 per serving. Business owners should consider how much money they are willing to spend on this kind of employee perk.

Be Aware Of Employee Dietary Restrictions

Before bringing any food into the workplace, business owners should be aware of any dietary restrictions that employees may have. Some employees may object to eating food that is forbidden by their religion. Other employees may have ethical concerns over certain types of food, such as vegans or vegetarians. Finally, some employees may have allergies that make eating or even being around certain types of food dangerous or deadly. Many food delivery service companies are willing to make substitutions for meals if necessary and provide perishable shipping solutions. Employers should ask their employees about dietary restrictions to avoid unnecessarily excluding them from the planned program.

Decide Which Meals To Cover

Unless the business owner decides to spend a lot on this program, they will have to pick which meal to offer their employees. Keeping with the above principles, the primary goal is to include as many employees in the program as possible. There should also be consideration for what work is done by most employees. For example, a business that specializes in manual labor may wish to offer a standard breakfast to ensure each employee has enough energy to work through the day. On the other hand, an office that requires a lot of overtime may wish to offer dinner as a way to keep morale high. Business owners should choose which meal to cover to get the most value for their investment.

Explore Healthier Food Delivery Options

For business owners, it’s worth it to look into subscription services that generally offer healthy meals. The main appeal of a food delivery box service is that, rather than buying fast food or frozen food, a ready-to-assemble healthy meal delivery can be freshly made. Keeping employees healthy has a number of long term benefits for the company. Companies that also offer health insurance can greatly benefit from this as obesity is a leading cause of health problems. More healthy employees are also generally happier and more productive. For these reasons, business owners should explore healthier options when choosing a food delivery subscription.

Consider Varying The Food Choices Offered

Finally, business owners should consider changing the meals they offer their employees on a semi-regular basis. Many food delivery service companies offer a variety of options, some even including seasonal food. Adding more variety to the meal plans offered by the company can keep the employees excited about the food. This can also help to satisfy employees who aren’t happy with the current selection of food as they’ll know that the menu will change eventually. Business owners should try to change what type of food they offer on a biannual or even seasonal basis.

Picking a food delivery box subscription service can be a great morale boost if chosen correctly. If they decide to start this program, business owners should begin by outlining a budget. They should then get employee input on the program, especially when it comes to dietary restrictions. Then they have to decide what meals to cover unless they have the budget to cover every meal. Business owners should also consider aiming for healthy meals. Finally, as the program moves forward, business owners should consider changing the type of food they offer at regular intervals. This way, businesses can choose the best food delivery box subscription service for their office.

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