5 Perishable Shipping Solutions For Food Businesses

Consumers all over the world benefit from online food shopping. As it has popularized, food business owners like yourself have thrived through implementing online services. Brands can simultaneously expand their customer base and receive a shipping discount to lower costs. However, a common concern many food business owners have is shipping perishable items. After all, your reputation could falter if you deliver spoiled food to your customers’ homes. Fortunately, there are reliable solutions for this issue. Continue reading to discover the best perishable shipping solutions for food businesses.

Monitored Trailer Temperature

When looking for the right shipping company, inquire about their trailer temperatures. Most food business owners ask about package tracking, but neglect to request perishable shipping information. Ask whether employees monitor each trailer’s temperature or not. When shipping a consumer cheese, vegetables, and fruit in the middle of a summer heat wave, you need a cooled truck. Without one, your food will spoil in the heat. The outcome will be an unhappy customer who can potentially write you a negative review online and decrease your reputability. Know the temperature your food needs to remain at to keep from spoiling. Find a shipping company who can provide you with temperature-controlled transportation for perishable shipping.

Insulated Shipping Coolers

Another factor to consider during your quest for the best perishable shipping experience is insulation. Even with a temperature-controlled trailer, your food needs to stay insulated. Look for a company that offers insulated shipping coolers. Tightly close the coolers using appropriate tape to ensure that the food truly does remain insulated throughout its travels. The best shipping coolers are also shock-proof to keep more fragile food items protected for consumers. Opt for the best insulated shipping coolers to obtain the best perishable shipping solution.

Appropriately Marked Packages

Perishable shipping solutions should also mark your packages accordingly. If your perishable packages are not labeled “Perishable-Keep Refrigerated”, truck drivers will not be aware. Your products could end up in a truck without temperature control. Furthermore, consumers will not know that they have to open the package and put its contents in the fridge or freezer immediately. As a result, their food could spoil. Although you would not be completely at fault, customers could blame you. Once again, they could leave your food business a poor review online. Double checking that your packages are marked either before delivering to shipping companies or upon delivery. Then, you will guarantee recipient satisfaction.

Cooling Packs

In addition, cooling packs are necessary to keep your perishable shipping items cold. You have a variety of options to choose from such as ice packs and dry ice. If you opt for ice packs, first determine the size and number your perishable food requires. Packs are kept inside insulated boxes. Measure and plan accordingly. For packages that will be delivered overnight, use one-time use ice packs and save money. Since dry ice contains chemicals, it is considered a hazardous material. Because of this, you will have to take a few extra precautions when labeling and selecting a shipping partner. Consider both options when planning your perishable shipping method.

Air-tight Plastic Bags

Part of your method should also include air-tight plastic bags. There is always a chance that perishable shipments’ packaging will fail. To decrease this chance, invest in air-tight plastic bags. Food business owners like yourself specifically use them for bottled liquids. They also use them for items that usually thaw or melt quickly. For instance, ice cream containers could use air-tight baggage since ice cream melts easily. Double bag such foods and use plastic liner for optimal perishable shipping protection.

You do not have to own pizza franchises or high-end restaurants to profit in the food industry. Consumers desire home delivery. Take your online food shopping business to the next level by guaranteeing efficient perishable shipping. To do so, request shipments in temperature-controlled trailers to decrease the chances of your food spoiling. Purchase insulated, shock-proof shipping containers. Mark your packages appropriately to alert customers that its contents need to be refrigerated or frozen upon delivery. Invest in cooling packs such as ice packs or dry ice. Lastly, use air-tight plastic bags for foods that can thaw or melt quickly and liquids. Now, you know how to find the best perishable shipping solution and improve your food business.

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