5 Ways Best Furniture Rental Software Streamlines Inventory Management

A furniture rental business requires more complex inventory management than traditional retail establishments. Certainly, you need a way to track your assets and prevent them from getting lost as they return to your storage facility. In addition, you’ve likely experienced the stress of double booking during busy periods. As a furniture rental business owner, you need a way to handle inventory efficiently to keep your customers pleased. Fortunately, just as the best retail software streamlines sales, rental software provides essential tools to track your assets and stay organized. Read on to learn about several ways best furniture rental software streamlines inventory management.

GPS Location Tracking

With GPS location tracking mechanisms, you can improve your asset tracking in your furniture rental business. Many top software systems can scan an item’s barcode or QR code. Then, they can track these codes by geographic location or IP address. Some software is equipped with an interactive map showing the geo-location of your asset scans. This way, you can quickly identify where your furniture rentals are, including items misplaced or lost. Additionally, you can link items to their warehouse or field locations to track their flow. Certainly, you can manage your inventory asset locations in an organized, clear way with GPS location tracking.

Equipment Maintenance Management

In addition, the best rental management software can manage your equipment maintenance. With this feature, you can move items on or off the repair status. Plus, you can mark cleaning or other necessary inventory service that needs to be completed prior to scheduling another rental contract. Some of the best software systems can even warn your employees when equipment costs more to maintain than it generates revenue. By monitoring maintenance history of each item in your monthly inventory, you can proactively replace aging high-use equipment. Indeed, the best furniture rental software streamlines your inventory management with equipment maintenance insights.

Automated Contract Processing

Moreover, top furniture rental software providers offer automated contract processing to optimize your stock tracking. Typically, contract processing procedures cost your company significant time and money. With contract management software capabilities, your staff can see changes instantly from the warehouse or lot. Additionally, the software instantly updates filled orders so counter staff can see when they are complete. Radio frequency identification and barcode integration allows for a speedy check-ins and check-outs of items as well. Automated contract processing saves your business time and keeps staff up to date on furniture rental contract changes.

Customer Booking Notification

The best furniture rental software systems also streamline your company’s inventory management with customer notification. Top software can automatically send your customers emails or text message reminders at important milestones throughout the rental cycle. For example, if their furniture rental has an upcoming return date, you can automate notifications to remind your customers ahead of time. Typically, you can control when to send out the alerts. In addition, you can  notify various stages such as confirmed quotes, started rentals, booking confirmations, and overdue items. Customer notification can prevent late returns to keep your business running efficiently.

POS Integration

The best furniture rental software systems also use POS inventory integration systems to manage your stock. This way, you can automatically update available inventory at the checkout counter. In addition, you can create rental packages for items frequently used together. At the POS, this gives you the option to specify which items can be added to your order. On the other hand, this feature also allows you to set variable rental periods with corresponding pricing. Since your rental software can integrate with your POS, the system automatically calculates the total for easy checkout. Moreover, the software simultaneously tracks which items are out as well as when they are supposed to return. POS integration maintains accurate records for easy employee access.

There are several ways the best furniture rental software streamlines inventory management. For starters, monitor your assets with GPS location tracking. In addition, you can use equipment maintenance management to track which items need cleaning, service, or repair. Automated contract processing maximizes efficiency and updates your staff of changes in real time. Moreover, use customer notification to prevent late furniture returns. Further, POS integration allows your employees to stay up-to-date on available items. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about several ways best furniture rental software streamlines inventory management.

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