5 Best Gift Ideas For VIP Clients To Establish Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty with customers, especially VIP clients is one of the most important impressions a company can create. With so many important elements of marketing like SEO, print ads, and social media, effective client appreciation often goes overlooked. However, treating your clients right is integral to improve your brand reputation, image, and awareness. But the question is, how can a business create brand loyalty with VIP customers outside of providing quality goods and services? One possible solution is to give valuable clients a corporate gift. A gift is a great way to show customers that they are more than just a number, but that your company truly appreciates the business that they give you. Providing a thoughtful gift to your valued clients, you can maintain a trusting relationship that will eventually lead to future sales. But not all gifts are created equal. Low effort and thoughtless gifts can still give the impression that VIP clients are not as important to you as you want them to believe. Below are multiple gift ideas that will give a great and lasting impression on your clients.

Desk Plant

These are an essential affordable client appreciation gift to establish brand loyalty.  A desk plant such as a bonsai tree or terrarium can be a great for customers who love nature or gardening. Other desk gifts like a notebook or pen set may be something a customer already has thus leading to your gift sitting in a drawer unused and unnoticed. A plant or flowers is a great way to spruce up any room or office. This makes a great gift to keep your business in your customer’s mind every time they see it.

Leather Gift

Premium leather can be used to make many impressive corporate gifts for clients. Wallets, bags and keychains are just a few different kinds of gifts that customers would be happy to receive. Not only does leather have a very premium quality to it, but the gifts you can use it to make are very practical which gives them a higher chance of being used and appreciated by the customers who receive them. Leather can also be easily stamped or embossed with corporate branding, making these gifts great reminders of your business every time they are used.

Portable Charger

A high capacity portable battery bank is a gift that nobody would say no to. In the age of smartphones, everyone has needed a charge but was not able to get one at some point. This gift is especially great for customers who travel a lot, but anyone who wants to be able to keep their devices charged on the go would appreciate this item. The larger the capacity the better, and multiple charging ports does not hurt either. Portable battery banks are also usually large and flat making them great for being decorated with corporate branding and flare. If you do not have these already have these branded items, consider ways to improve employer branding merchandise.

Premium Gift Basket

And gift basket can be an exception gift because of their impressive presentation and ability to be customized to each customer’s taste. There are baskets for food and drink, beauty and hygiene and technology just to name a few. Any customer would be very impressed by a gift basket that was tailored to their specific taste. Add in a personalized corporate note and you will be giving your customers one of the greatest impressions possible.

Personalized Experience

Many customers may not be interested in or impressed by material goods, so why not offer them a different kind of luxury gift. A personalized experience such as tickets to a live performance or sporting event could make for the perfect give. Give the beauty lover a day at the spa or salon and thrill seekers the chance to go skydiving or swim with sharks. Personalized adventures can give customers long lasting memories that they will always be fond of and memories that will always be linked to the business that was kind enough to give them the experience.

There are several practices to improve your customer engagement practices. Finding the perfect corporate gift is no simple task. There is no catch-all gift that will make a lasting impression on all of your VIP clients. The most important thing to remember is that each gift should be personalized for each customer’s taste. That is the best way to show your clients that you truly care about them and appreciate the business they give you.

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