The Best Grocery Delivery Options To Consider In The New Year

There are several best grocery delivery options to consider in the new year. Grocery delivery have come extremely popular due to COVID-19. Buyers can access a wide variety of food selections, price points and delivery speeds. As a grocery buyer, you may want options that offer same-day delivery or cost-saving solutions, are geologically available, and cater to special dietary needs. Here are the best grocery delivery options to consider for the new year.

Fast Delivery Options

First, the most popular grocery delivery services offer fast delivery options. Start by going online and ordering the food you need. In fact, with this option, you can order both non-perishables and fresh groceries including produce, meat and seafood. Then, confirm your order. As a result, you could receive your groceries in about 2 hours without leaving the house. Or, you could pay an extra fee and have it delivered in as fast as an hour. More so, with an order of over $35, you can get free shipping. However, to access this online grocery store service, you need a membership which costs about $120 annually. This is a reliable grocery option for most people including people with disabilities in business, those who work 8 hours a day, have a new baby or are not comfortable being in public due to COVID-19. Certainly, consider using fast grocery delivery options for the new year.

Sustainable Options

Secondly, there are grocery services that offer sustainable options. These services only provide cruelty-free groceries, biodegradable or compostable products and sustainable packaging. All food and products are created by ethical well-paid manufacturers. More so, they supply special dietary options for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free customers. Additionally, most of the products bought through these options are biodegradable. As a result, they won’t take up space in a landfill after being used. Finally, your packages can be reusable, biodegradable or compostable. For example, all food products are delivered in glass containers with metal lids. Of course, these services are optimizing an environmentally friendly world to reduce waste, energy and pollution. Certainly, consider a sustainable grocery delivery service in the upcoming year.

Membership Optional Options

Next, access top grocery delivery services that are membership optional. You can use this service as you please without a monthly or yearly membership. Of course, you could access it with even the cheapest credit cards. However, you can buy a membership that guarantees free delivery for around $10 a month or $100 a year. Additionally, you still receive most of the same features as a member. You get same-day delivery and can access free delivery on orders $35 or more. More so, you can communicate with your shopper directly and request the grocery store you want products from. In fact, if you request an item that is sold out, you can choose a replacement while your shopper is completing your order. Definitely implement membership optional grocery delivery services this new year.

Bulk Order Options

Additionally, the best grocery delivery services provide bulk order options. These services have become extremely popular since COVID-19. You can order bulk of different products from local stores. Depending on the store you order from, you may have to pay more than $25 to access free delivery. Of course, you can buy products including toilet paper, non-perishables or cleaning supplies. Or, you could stockpile pet food, dry goods and canned products like tuna or salmon. This option works best for long term items that don’t expire. In fact, they don’t offer perishable foods like fruit and vegetables with bulk orders. Surely, you can order in bulk from the best grocery delivery services.

Car Delivery Options

Finally, the top grocery services offer car delivery options. Go online and pick out the groceries you want. You can choose to have it delivered to your house or to your car in the parking lot. In fact, you can also pick between tracked vs untracked delivery options. If you get it delivered to your house, you would have to pay a fee of either $7.95 or $9.95. Or, you could drive to the store and open your trunk. Your shopper who fulfilled and packaged your groceries will bring them to your car. As a result, you would avoid paying a delivery fee but still get your groceries without entering the store. Certainly, consider car delivery options from the best grocery services.

There are various great grocery delivery options to use in the new year. First, consider fast delivery options to get your groceries in as fast as an hour. Secondly, you can access sustainable grocery delivery services for environmentally safe products to reduce waste and pollution. Next, you can use a membership optional grocery service that offers all the same features except unlimited free delivery. Additionally, you can buy in bulk for items such as toilet paper, non-perishables or pet food. Finally, you could avoid a delivery fee by having your groceries delivered to your car in the shop parking lot. These are the top grocery delivery options to consider in the new year.

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