Tracked vs Untracked Delivery: The Best Service For Business Shipments

As a business owner, you’ll understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Every decision has to be reached with this in mind, and when it comes to making a choice between two options, it will often be done on the basis of what suits your buyers best. Of course, by putting your customers first, your business will be able to attract more sales.

With the rise of technology within the commercial sector, more people now buy remotely than ever before. This means that one of these decisions will be whether to go for tracked or untracked delivery when you’re sending out parcels. Without a doubt, tracking packages or not is an important aspect of your company operations.

If you’re struggling to make a choice and are unsure of what would be best for your business, here’s a handy guide to help you. With the right information, you can ensure customer satisfaction and smooth company operations.

Untracked Delivery

We’ll start with untracked delivery services. Untracked delivery is an option chosen by many, largely because it is cheaper than the alternative. This price discrepancy does of course exist for a reason, in that neither the sender nor the recipient have any knowledge of where the parcel is during the delivery process.

So what are the advantages of choosing it? Let’s take a look:

  • Untracked delivery can be an easier option for enterprises who manage a high volume of parcels on a regular basis.
  • Almost all letters and parcels, irrespective of their size and shape, are eligible for untracked delivery.
  • It is usually much cheaper than the alternative, making it far more economical for those who regularly send out goods, especially those with a lower net worth.
  • Although you cannot track your parcel or letter, it is just as safe and likely to reach the recipient as a tracked alternative.
  • It is ideally suited to businesses operating on a lower budget as it helps to keep overhead costs down so you do not have to worry about post office currency.

Tracked Delivery

Alternatively, you have the option of choosing tracked delivery, which allows both the sender and the recipient to view where the package is and its delivery status as it progresses along its journey. The benefits of this are as follows:

  • It provides peace of mind for both the sender and the recipient, especially where the item being shipped has a high net worth.
  • It helps to portray your enterprise as one that is both trustworthy and reliable, so that first-time buyers are more likely to not only take a chance on you, but to build a relationship that leads to repeat business.
  • It provides a great opportunity to contact customers with additional offers and information, opening the window to a potentially lucrative rapport between you.
  • It saves your employees from having to waste their valuable time fielding enquiries about where goods are and when they can be expected to arrive.

Signed For Delivery

Tracked delivery is often confused with signed for delivery. Signing for delivery is an entirely different thing, however. It can definitely impact your quality management system. Signed for delivery services only show where the parcel is once it is delivered. This service does not provide visibility while the package is en route. Parcel tracking allows you to view where the package is no matter what part of its journey it is on. This is important to note when you are considering parcel delivery services.

Make the right choice today. Use our breakdown to reach an informed decision about which option is best for your business, and then contact a reliable courier like Whistl to put your assessment into action. Remember, keep your customer a top priority and profitability will follow.

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