The Best Items To Sell On Amazon To Boost Profits

Modern entrepreneurs are interested in the best items to sell on Amazon to boost profits. This is a simple way to capitalize on the popularity of the eCommerce marketplace to make more money. With 44% of shoppers starting on Amazon, the platform is an excellent way to maximize reach and, ultimately, revenue. Third-party sellers account for 58% of Amazon sales. This makes now a great time to start selling. To find success in the Amazon e-commerce business, look for a product that is in-demand, low cost, and can be sold year-round. With nearly 400 million items for sale on the site, choosing the right one is essential. If you are interested in the best items to sell on Amazon to boost profits, consider the five categories listed below.


One of the best items to sell on Amazon are books. Selling books is how the Amazon marketplace got started. Today, they are more popular and profitable than ever. If you want to boost your company profits, start selling books on Amazon. There is a huge profit margin for books. Source books from a wholesaler or buy them in bulk for around a dollar each. Then, sell them on Amazon with a markup of up to 1000%. You can also find books at thrift or specialty stores to sell for a markup on the site. If you are interested in selling Amazon products for profit, consider purchasing volumes of books.

Games And Toys

You can also sell games and toys on Amazon to boost your profits. Games and toys provide a consistent and profitable stream of products year round. Every few months, a new children’s movie is released. With it, there are the new must-have toys and gadgets. Generic games and video games are also high-demand, profitable options for selling. While games and toys are popular all year, the demand for these products increases around events like birthdays and holidays. This surge adds to the lucrative nature of these products for businesses. Selling games and toys on Amazon is another way to help boost profits.

Korean Skincare Products

Another option for Amazon sellers to increase profits is by selling Korean skincare products. Skincare products, in general, represent a lucrative eCommerce niche. The South Korean cosmetics industry is expected to hit $13 billion in revenue by 2020. They are the fourth largest cosmetics exporter in the world with high demand overseas. This makes them very profitable items to sell on Amazon. There are also several ‘cult’ Korean skincare brands that are even more highly sought after. The high demand of these products leads to higher markups and increased revenue. Selling Korean skincare products on Amazon is an excellent option for boosting profits.

Silicone Kitchen Products

You can also sell silicone kitchen products on Amazon to boost profits. Market trends suggest the increased replacement of traditional kitchen products with their silicone counterparts. Silicone kitchen products are lightweight items that are easy and inexpensive to ship. This contributes to a high profit margin. There are a variety of different types of silicone kitchen products that you can sell. Some of the most popular options include baking mats, spatulas and BBQ gloves. There are also more niche products like silicone baking cups and cupcake liners. If you are looking to improve your profits, consider selling silicone kitchen products on Amazon.


Another product you can sell on Amazon are electronic tablets. Electronics, in general, represent a profitable eCommerce market. Tablets are a very lucrative item to sell on Amazon. Tablets are incredibly popular devices amongst young tech enthusiasts. At the same time, there is a huge market for office work tablets. Tablets can be costly but there are various new models that cater to lower budgets. Capitalize on this to improve profits by researching and stocking the best low-cost high demand tablet models. There is also a market for reconditioned tablets if you are interested in refurbishment. Dropshipping companies and wholesalers offer a variety of different models and system specifications at low prices. Consider selling tablets on Amazon if you want to boost profits.

Entrepreneurs are interested in the best items to sell on Amazon to boost profits. Books are a simple option as they offer low overhead with a high profit margin. Another popular category of items to sell on amazon are toys and games. Selling games and toys offers consistency and a high-demand market to boost profits. You can also sell Korean Skin care products online, capitalizing on the recent boom of the Korean cosmetics industry. Silicon kitchen products are lightweight, high-demand items that offer cost-effective shipping. You can also profit from the high demand for low-cost tablet models. Use the categories listed above to choose the best items to sell on Amazon to boost profits.

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