Wholesale Formula Course Helps New Amazon Sellers Learn The Ropes

The Wholesale Formula is a step by step how to guide for entrepreneurs to learn how to take advantage of Amazon’s wholesale opportunities once they learn the benefits of an LLC. The creators of this program, Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert, promise that their wholesale program will help you build a multi-million dollar business, just like theirs. If you are interested in this program and what it has to offer, keep reading below to learn all about The Wholesale Formula.

Who Are The Wholesale Formula Creators?

Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert are the creators of this Amazon Wholesale Formula program. Just five years ago, the duo began casually selling on Amazon with only $600 on a Capital One Spark Business card. Since then, their business plan has allowed them to generate over $13 million dollars in sales. Dan and Eric created this program in order to share their model for success with other aspiring Amazon sellers.

Who Is The Wholesale Formula For?

The Wholesale Formula program is designed for Amazon sellers and business owners. The whole purpose of the program is to help entrepreneurs to build and grow their Amazon business without the need for start up business loans. If you are an entrepreneur interested in becoming an Amazon seller or you are already the proud owner of an Amazon shop in need of a little help gaining your footing, this program is for you.

How Much Does The Wholesale Formula Cost?

The Wholesale Formula price may be a bit off putting for some entrepreneurs. However, it is a minor investment that can have a greatly beneficial long-term impact on your business. The Wholesale program will cost you just under $2000, at $1997 exactly. This is far cheaper than any cheap franchises that are worth considering. The one-time payment allows you lifetime access to all the Amazon wholesale resources you could need. Fortunately, there is also a 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose by trying the program out.

When Is Course Enrollment?

If you want to enroll in the Wholesale Formula course, there are only two times of the year it is available. Unlike other how to sell wholesale courses, the Wholesale Formula only opens up enrollment in January and August. This may be a disadvantage that you do not have to deal with if you attend another course. However, it also offers you the benefit to take your time deciding whether or not the course is the right business decision for you. If you want to sign up for the Wholesale Formula to learn enterprise resource planning and more, make sure you do not miss the two open enrollment periods.

Is The Wholesale Formula Worth It?

Many entrepreneurs are leery of the many “get rich quick” programs that abound in all areas of the internet and rightly so. The Wholesale Formula does give off that vibe, the vibe of a shoddy, infomercial type program that intends to take you money and hope you do not actually follow through with the program. However, one thing that differentiates this Amazon selling guide from those sorts of get rich quick schemes is their 30-day money back guarantee. Instead of reading a bunch of product reviews and basing your opinions off the opinions of others, simply buy the product. Try it out for two or three weeks, and if you do not like it, get your money back.

The Wholesale Formula is an Amazon seller how-to guide that seeks to enable Amazon entrepreneurs to reach success in ecommerce entirely by selling wholesale goods. You do not have to have a business degree to benefit from programs like this. If you own an Amazon business that is struggling to get its footing, this is an excellent resource to consider. Thanks to a thirty day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose at all. If you have tried this Amazon selling program, tell us your thoughts about it down below.

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