5 Examples Of The Best Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

There are several examples of successful omnichannel marketing campaigns. Omnichannel campaigns utilize a variety of platforms to help businesses better communicate with customers. With nearly 86% of customers frequently bouncing between multiple platforms, omnichannel marketing allows for them to use their preferred platforms. Omnichannel marketing campaigns allow business owners to keep up with the customer desires with consistency across multiple platforms. In this post, we will analyze 5 examples of the best omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Bringing Brick and Mortar Online

In todays society, consumers are turning to the convenience of online shopping rather than venturing to the brick and mortar establishment. Bring brick and mortar online to keep up with the desires of your customer base. Not only does an online presence maintain your current customer base but it also can expand outside your average audience. Bringing brick and mortar online makes your product more easily accessible to your customers regardless of where they live. An online presence also enables your business to implement more advanced advertising strategies. Email lists are a great way to alert your customers about your new online presence and drive traffic. In fact, you can advertise and design sale banners to improve your website’s digital traffic. Consider bringing your brick and mortar online to make your business more accessible to a wider audience base.

360 Degree Integration – Link In Store, Online And Social

Multiple platforms can be implemented to improve customer communication. With 360 degree integration, customer communication can go beyond physical interaction and be linked to online and social media channels. Every business should have an official website promoting their products. Take your businesses website to the next level by linking it to social media platforms. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram now allow businesses to link their official websites to their profiles directly. This allows customers to see advertisements for products on the apps and directly access the product on the company site through a link. These social media platforms also have features that allow customers to view items available in the physical store or what is just available online. 360 degree integration of online and social media platforms provide great marketing campaign strategies across a variety of channels.

App Based Inventory Tracking

As businesses grow it can be difficult to keep up with control and tracking of inventory. Apply omnichannel marketing to combat the chaos of managing inventory. Inventory management through omnichannels can not only alleviate the stress of tracking but also boost sales. Omnichannels like apps based on the business compile data in real time. These apps generate data based on customer interaction and track product engagement as well as inventory. In fact, you should also integrate management software features including customizable input forms and archives. Surely, app based inventory tracking can be a real innovative asset to your businesses omnichannel marketing campaign.

Loyalty Rewards Programs

Another example of an omnichannel marketing campaign approach is the creation of loyalty rewards programs. The key to effective omnichannel marketing campaigns is consistency. Implement a system that allows your loyal customers to be rewarded for their frequent contributions to your business. These loyalty reward programs can be accessed through multiple channels. Mobile devices, websites and physical stores can implement the loyalty reward programs. Have customers create an account through any channel so they may access their rewards at any given time across any platform. Not only does the implementation of a loyalty reward program boost customer communications but also compels the message of your brand. Implement a loyalty rewards program to advance your omnichannel marketing campaign.

Wearable Bands

A great way to market any business is to formulate a campaign geared towards forming a connection with the consumer. Incorporate wearable bands that allow your customers to connect with your products personally. Wearable bands can provide customers with direct access to features within your business. Features such as purchased products, inventory status and loyalty reward points can all be accessed through the wearable band. These features are made accessible by linking customer accounts into the businesses official app. In fact, these wearable gadgets are additionally becoming innovative technologies to connect your team anywhere worldwide. Wearable bands are an innovative example of an omnichannel marketing campaign that builds a strong connection between your business and its consumers.

Of course there are many examples of useful omnichannel marketing campaigns. Generate an online presence of your brick and mortar to create a more convenient shopping experience for customers. Link in-store, online and social integration platforms to make your business more accessible to a larger customer base. Implement app based inventory tracking to manage product supply better. Create a loyalty rewards program so customers may feel valued. Consider wearable bands to form a more direct connection with your customer base. Surely, these examples can contribute to forming a unique and innovative omnichannel marketing campaign.

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