Must Have Idea Management Software Features For Business Innovation


The idea management process is one many business owners are familiar with, including the owners of mobile shredding companies. However, many idea management strategies are just not as effective as business owners would like for them to be. This can lead to inefficiencies elsewhere in business too. Idea management software can help you to improve your idea management process to make it as efficient and effective as possible. Keep reading to find out the key features your idea management solutions should include.

Customizable Input Forms

Any idea management software you buy must have customizable input forms. It should have a lot of flexibility and customization options overall. The ability to customize input forms and other aspects of your software allows you to tailor the software to each specific campaign. This makes your processes more efficient and overall more effective. Make sure any idea management programs you consider offer a ton of customization features.


Campaign-based software is the most popular type of idea management software in use today. This is with good reason. With this software feature, businesses are able to set up a variety of projects that are tailored to specifically address different business objectives. Campaigns are easy to manage and allow you to track progress as it relates to each and every business goal. Make sure you elect to use a campaign-based idea management software.


The best idea management solutions will include archival features for your ideas. Not every idea is a good one, and not every good idea is applicable at any given moment. You do not want to be forced to get rid of great business ideas just because you cannot make them a reality right at that exact moment. Idea archives give you a place to store your best ideas until such a time when your business is prepared to roll them out. You do not want to buy idea management software that does not have idea archiving features.


Good ideas should always be recognized. Otherwise, this can have a negative effect on office morale, even in the service industry. Make sure to only consider idea management apps with features that allow you to recognize and reward great ideas or contributors with the most useful ideas generated. This is a feature that will help you to build a culture of innovation at your organization for continuous business improvement.

Status Tracking

Never buy an idea management program that does not include status tracking features. If your idea generation strategies must meet deadlines, you need to know the status of each campaign at a glance. This is the only way you can manage idea generation effectively. Status tracking is one of the most basic idea management software features that any great app is sure to have.

If you are a business owner, you know that a great innovation process is necessary for business growth and development. It can be make much more of an impact on your business than social media customer service. However, you may not know that idea generation can be aided and improved by idea management solutions. That is, as long as your idea generation software has the features mentioned above. These idea management software features are must-haves if you want to increase efficiency within your idea management process. Keep them in mind when you start your search for the best idea management software for your business.

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