Best Place To Buy Stocks Online For Low-Cost First Time Investments


If you are only just beginning to get into the world of investing, it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there is plenty of information available on the internet. There are also plenty of places to buy stocks online, which simplifies the process for beginners like you. So where is the best place to buy stocks like Intuit stock online? This post will cover the top sites for beginners like you to buy stocks online. Keep reading.

Why Online Brokers?

First, it would be beneficial to have some idea of why you should buy stocks online instead of taking the traditional route. Buying stocks online with an online broker platform offers beginners the least expensive way to start investing. This is a huge benefit when you are just starting out and still need time to determine your risk tolerance. Investors can open accounts with these trading websites without the need for a large first time investment. Even if you have the ability to invest a large sum upfront, you will still benefit from the low costs for fees associated with each transaction.  This is why you should consider visiting one of the online investing sites mentioned below to start your foray into investing.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is the probably the overall best place to buy stocks online. This online broker provides the most comprehensive services available. As an investor just starting out, this may not factor into your decision. However, as you become seasoned at the trade you may value the added possibilities and advice for pink sheet stocks and more. While TD Ameritrade may be the best place to buy stocks online, it does come at a price. This online broker has the highest fees out of the bunch, at $9.99 per trade. However, if you want the best place to buy stocks online and do not mind shelling out the extra cash, TD Ameritrade may be right for you.


TradeKing is the best place to buy stocks online for those on a budget. Unlike TD Ameritrade, this online broker has some of lowest fees available. With TradeKing, you can expect to pay $4.95 per trade. In addition, this broker has no account minimum required. That is excellent for those of you who are not looking to dump your entire life savings into an online brokerage account. If you are a beginner investor on a budget, TradeKing is probably the best place to buy stocks for you.


ETrade is another well-known name in online investing that offers a ton of trading options. ETrade makes the list for best place to buy stocks online thanks to the promotions and discounts they offer. This brokerage has a relatively-low minimum account requirement at only $500. In addition, they offer volume discounts on their $9.99 per trade transaction fee. This is beneficial if you are a beginner investor who wants to buy in big. ETrade is also running a promotion for sixty days of waived commission fees with a $10,000 deposit. If you are looking to invest in a big way, ETrade may be the best place to buy stocks online for you.


One of the last to make the list for the best place to buy stocks online is Scottrade. This broker makes the list thanks to their exceptional customer service. Scottrade is one of the only online brokers that has over 500+ locations across the United States. That means you can get the guidance and advice you need in person. This is a considerable advantage when you are dealing with the possibility of losing your hard-earned money. Scottrade is also the best place to buy stocks online if you appreciate the price advantage they have over their competitors. At $7.00 per trade, you will be saving three dollars a transaction as opposed to ETrade or TD Ameritrade users. Scottrade is the best place to buy stocks for beginner investors who value personalized customer service and the opportunity to save a few bucks.

As a beginner investor, the best place to buy stocks for any of the top brands of the world is online. But with so many online brokers out there, how do you know which to choose? Consider the choices listed in this post. Remember to factor in your own personal investment plans and what you want out of an online broker. Choose any of these and you will be certain to find the best place to buy stocks online for your specific wants and needs. Have you used any of these online brokers? If so, let us know what you like about them in the comment section below.

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