5 Best Responses To Rude Customers For Email Or In-Person

There are many ways to respond to rude customers over email and in-person. Customers can be rude for many reasons and they are not always justified in doing so. If someone is dissatisfied with the services received, they will probably voice their complaints. People who work in customer service will inevitably encounter rude customers. It is crucial for customer service workers to understand how to respond to customers in these situations. In this article, we’ll discuss the best responses to rude customers for email or in-person.

Prepare A Script For FAQs

One of the best ways to respond to rude customers over email or in-person is by preparing a script for frequently asked questions. First, pay attention to what customers are repeatedly asking when buying your company’s products. Then, prepare scripted responses to properly handle these frequent questions. Next, the support staff can use these scripts when encountering rude customers. Ensure your script suits the issue at hand while remaining respectful to the customer. This will help make the negotiation process easier to navigate. In fact, this method can help you reestablish consumer trust since you have treated them nicely with respect. In order to best respond to rude customers, prepare a script for frequently asked questions.

Know When To Apologize

Knowing when to apologize is one of the best in-person responses to rude customers. First, build trust with your customer so they are confident you will remedy the situation. Then, get all the information you can from the customer so you can come up with the best way to help them. Next, focus your apology on the situation. Make sure you address the issue directly in your apology. For instance, you might say “I’m sorry your produce is rotten.” It may take time, but make clear in your apology you are taking charge of the issue. Finally, follow troubleshooting steps and walk them through what you are doing to fix the issue. Knowing when and how to apologize is one of the best responses to rude customers.

Remain Stoic And Calm

Have a stoic and calm response when dealing with rude customers in-person. First, try to be so calm you are almost expressionless. Avoid escalating the issue to appease the customer. Additionally, do not take the issue personally. Keep in mind the customer is mad at the company, not at you specifically. You should simply keep quiet if a customer starts to rant about their service issue. Make sure you are listening and understand what the customer is complaining about. After the customer has finished speaking, tell them you are working to remedy the issue. You may also want to say something like “I’m working on this right now to make sure it never happens again.” Plus, this method can help fix common issues introduce excellent solutions. This forces the client to see you are on their side and willing to help. Certainly, remain stoic and calm as one of the best responses to rude customers.

Know When To Be Assertive

Another one of the best responses to rude customers is knowing when to be assertive. First, pay attention to the customer’s complaints. Listen to see if the customer is stating something factually incorrect or asking you to go against company policy. If the customer is repeating themselves over and over, this is a prime opportunity for you to be assertive. Speak clearly and confidently to the customer. Additionally, address the details of the situation by being specific. Make sure that when you speak assertively, you are not coming off as aggressive. Knowing when to be assertive is one of the best responses to rude customers in-person or over email.

Win Them Over With Kindness

A great response to rude customers is to win them over with kindness. First, discern whether the situation is escalating. If so, make sure you adopt a calm and understanding tone. This will allow you to slowly take back control of the conversation. Additionally, conduct yourself professionally and do not act too casually. Moreover, set boundaries and interrupt the behavior by asking specific questions. Then, map out logical solutions with the customer to win their respect. Often times, the customer will end up apologizing if you treat them with kindness. In fact, this strategy is one of the little known ways to recover sales since the customer may reconsider their behavior. Treating customers with kindness is one of the best ways to respond to rude customers in-person or over email.

There are many ways to best respond to rude customers. First, prepare a script for frequently asked questions to best equip your employees. Then, know when to apologize as doing so too quickly may further provoke the customer. Remain stoic and calm when navigating the situation. With ranting or outraged customers, know when to be assertive. Finally, win the customer over with kindness to gain their respect. Consider these steps when dealing with rude customers. These are the best responses to rude customers over email or in-person.

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