Marketing Tips To Help Rent To Own Stores Establish Consumer Trust

If you own a rent-to-own store, you know that these establishments have been receiving a lot of flack in the media lately. This certainly is not a good thing for you or your business, and unfortunately, the guerilla marketing definition may not be the right way to help solve the problem. Thankfully, there are some useful marketing techniques that can help you offset the harms caused by bad press. Use these marketing tips for rent to own stores to help keep customers coming back for more.


One way to get customers into your rent to own business is to offer promotional giveaways. You can advertise these giveaways however you want. The important part is informing customers that they exist. This is one of the most popular marketing strategies for all types of businesses. Incentivize customers to shop at your store by offering useful and unique promotion items at various times throughout the year.


Content marketing is especially useful for rent to own stores. This new form of marketing will typically produce much better results than any of the traditional telemarketing companies. If you do not already have one, it is time to create a business website. Then, you can begin to post relevant content to your page. These posts can be about anything from the top rent to own products in your stores to the advantages of buying from rent to own businesses. Leverage the power of online content marketing to help spread the word about all the good your store has to offer.

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing strategies provide an excellent way to get customers for your business. Sending direct mailers to local homeowners and renters in your area is an affordable solution. However, it is also incredibly effective. This is especially true if you include discounts and coupons in your mailers. Make sure to utilize direct mail marketing tactics if you want to bring new customers into your rent to own store.

Mobile Texts

Mobile text messaging is one of the most effective marketing strategies for rent to own stores. It is also one of the most personal. That is what makes it such a great way to keep in touch with existing customers to make sure they become repeat customers. Send text message advertisements to your existing customers with secret discounts and other promotions. These text messaging marketing strategies are sure to help you improve your customer retention rates for years to come.


An important element to include in all of your rent to own marketing strategies is the flexibility your stores provide consumers. The flexibility afforded by shopping at rent to own businesses is an advantage not provided by any other type of retail business. This is the defining element of rent to own stores that you need to capitalize on in all of your marketing campaigns. Once customers are away of the flexibility they can take advantage of by shopping at your store, they are sure to come rushing in.

If you are a small business owner of a local rent to own store, you may be experiencing a performance slump thanks to the bad press rent to own establishments have been receiving lately. However, there are many ways to turn things around and bring customers to your business. Thankfully, you do not need to even know the differences of marketing vs advertising to benefit from these techniques. If you want to improve customer retention rates while spreading the word about your rent to own business, use the marketing ideas above. These rent to own marketing tactics are sure to help your business establish trust with consumers to improve your bottom line.

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