How To Choose The Best Welcome Gifts For New Employees

The onboarding process is crucial to introducing new employees to your company culture, daily routines, and behavioral norms. A positive and welcoming onboarding process greatly contributes to the retention of employees. A major technique to show new hires your appreciation, is to purchase them welcome gifts. Once you believe you have selected the employee that is the right fit, you should be determined to make a positive impression and retain your candidates. Giving gifts shows appreciation and boosts morale. If you would like to know how to choose the best welcome gifts for new employees, continue reading this post.

Integrate Your Values

Look for gifts that integrate your company values. Gifts that communicate your mission and goals are a fun way to introduce new hires to your core values. Decorate items with text directly from your company mission, core values, or goals. If you follow any particular quotes or sayings, look for clothing, signs, or other merchandise saying this. Other gifts may have a significant meaning that aligns with your company’s set of beliefs. This introduces your new employees to your motivating factors and strategic priorities. When searching for the best welcome gifts for your new employees look for gifts that integrate your organizational values.

Include Brand Merchandise

When you choose new employee gifts, look to include branded merchandise. Gifts with your company’s logo or color is an excellent method to make new employees feel welcomed. Wearing merchandise from your company certainly makes them feel like a closer part of the team. Look for branded merchandise that matches your industry, or that could even be useful at the office. At the same time, branded merchandise encourages new employees to become brand ambassadors in their free time. This can even bring your company new publicity. Give new employees branded merchandise as a welcoming gift.

Personalize Items

Consider personalizing gifts for your new employees. It can often be difficult to personalize gifts for all new employees depending on the size of your organizations. However, when possible, personalized goods go the extra step to make employees feel especially valued. Consider designing a company sweater with the new employees name on it. Other companies may purchase personalized business cards with the new hire’s contact information. Designing and purchasing personalized gifts for new employees can go the extra mile to show your new hires that they are part of the team.

Recruit Employees

Recruit your current employees to help you choose gifts for new hires. When starting new positions, it can often be nerve-wrecking for employees to meet their new co-workers. Purchasing a gift on behalf of all your employees ensures that new hires feel welcome on behalf of the entire team. This immediate icebreaker often makes it easier for new hires to build relationships with your team. At the same time, by recruiting all your dedicated employees to help significantly reduces searching and shopping time. Utilize employees to help you find welcome gifts for your new employees.

Ensure Thoughtfulness

Ensure that a level of thoughtfulness goes into each welcome gift. Thoughtful gifts do not have to break the company’s budget. Rather, they should communicate some level of effort that went into thinking of, shopping for, and purchasing a gift. Refer back to the employee’s interview process and choose a gift that relates to each employee personally. This shows that you are not just handing out generic gifts to every new hire that starts with your company. Ensure the thoughtfulness of every gift you provide employees with to demonstrate that you care.

Purchasing welcome gifts for new employees greatly speaks to how much you care and value your new employees. There are several strategies you must follow in order to choose the best corporate gift for new employees. Look for gifts that communicate your organizational goals, values, and beliefs. Include branded clothing and merchandise in welcome gifts. Personalize items specifically for new hires. Consider recruiting other employees to help choose gifts. Make certain you place a certain level of thoughtfulness into the sourcing and purchasing of all employee gifts. Refer to this post if you are wondering how to choose the best welcome gifts for new employees.

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