Why Blockchain Investment Is Smarter Than Risky Cryptocurrency ICOs

Every investor is talking about investing in Bitcoin thanks to the recent cryptocurrency bubble making headlines across the globe. But, many investors are not so keen on Bitcoin investments. They are simply too risky for those risk-averse investors who prefer the safety of mutual funds. For those individuals, blockchain investment may be a great alternative. Blockchain technology is the basis for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Find out all about blockchain investment opportunities and what you need to know to start investing in them below.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is the foundation for all cryptocurrencies. Blockchains are the public ledger for all transactions involving a particular cryptocurrency. These public ledgers are entirely digital, and are therefore decentralized, separate and apart from any government oversight. Blockchain technology, also called distributed ledger technology, is the computing processes that enable the recording and verification of digital currency transactions. Before you invest in blockchain technology, you want to be certain you actually know what it is.

Market Performance

Experts predict that a blockchain investment now could be a very wise decision down the line. The blockchain tech market is expected to be worth over $2.3 billion by 2021. That is an incredibly impressive figure, even for a company like Sawgrass. That means that the market is expected to increase at compound annual growth rates of 61.5 percent. Clearly, this makes blockchain investment opportunities an enticing possibility for potential investors like you.

Possible Industry Disruptions

If you are considering investing in blockchain technology, you probably want to know a little bit about where the market is headed. Thankfully, there are plenty of potential blockchain tech applications that can disrupt a number of industries. In particular, the commercial supply chain management and tracking industry stands to be disrupted by this new technology. This industry could be revolutionized by the technology. That potential is certainly something that investors would want to bet on. That is why so many investors are considering blockchain investment opportunities now.


ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. This is important to note if you are looking for possible blockchain investments to consider. ICOs are the cryptocurrencies that are considered legitimate considerations for investment. These ICOs include Bitcoin, but they also include lesser known cryptocurrency like Electroneum. ICOs are the vehicles used by tech companies to secure funding for blockchain technology development projects. If you plan to invest in blockchain tech, you need to learn about the latest ICO options to hit the market.

How To Invest

You can make blockchain investments by investing in ICOs. One way to do this is to buy cryptocurrency penny stocks. Blockchain penny stocks are risky, just like any other penny stock. However, they stand to earn you a huge ROI thanks to their low share prices. Altcoin crowdfunding is another viable option for cryptocurrency investments. However, you will need to learn about the blockchain technology companies that are attempting to raise seed capital to make a wise decision. A blockchain tech investment could make you a very wealthy person, as long as you know how to invest in it.

If you are an investor who likes to stay on the cutting edge of the market, investing in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is not your only option. You could instead choose to consider blockchain investments to diversify your portfolio. An investment in blockchain technology is the less-risky way to capitalize on the rise of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and similar. However, it is still a bit trickier to master than learning about IRA recharacterization. Use this guide above to help you decide whether or not a blockchain investment is the right decision for your investment portfolio.

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