How To Optimize Bluetooth Beacon Marketing Real Estate Campaigns

Realtors use Bluetooth beacon marketing strategies to close more deals on a daily basis. As a realtor yourself, you are always looking for new ways to increase your profits. If you have never used proximity marketing tactics before, you need to implement them into your overall strategy. You can generate leads just from consumers passing by your properties. They will receive a notification on their mobile devices whenever they get close enough to your beacons. Learn how to optimize your Bluetooth beacon marketing real estate campaigns by reading this post.

Use A Click-To-Call Feature

One of the most effective Bluetooth beacon marketing elements is the click-to-call feature. While simply notifying prospective home buyers of properties near their current location is beneficial in and of itself, using a click-to-call advertisement embellishes the results. While web push notifications do engage customers in re-targeting strategies, you can engage with them sooner with click-to-call notifications. When consumers receive notifications without this feature, they have to look up the contact information on their own. If they do not have the time to do so, they will avoid reaching out and looking at your property. When there is a click-to-call feature, however, prospects can contact you easily and instantly. Thus, they are more likely to visit your properties. You can close more deals with this Bluetooth beacon marketing feature.

Enhance Open House Events

Another way to optimize Bluetooth beacon marketing real estate campaigns is to use the technology to enhance your open house events. Most realtors assume that getting prospects to visit properties is the biggest struggle. While it can be challenging, it is only half the battle. The other half involves convincing them to make an offer for the home. Beacon marketing allows you to personalize the experience for prospects. They can receive information on the home right when they walk through the door. You no longer need to print out pages of information that they need to carry around throughout the tour. Moreover, they can easily access the information after they leave your open house events. Because of this, Bluetooth beacon marketing raises your chances of receiving call backs.

Create Interactive Videos

When realtors use Bluetooth beacon marketing to generate interactive videos, they boost their sales. This feature is especially useful when you are having trouble persuading prospects to visit your properties. If they receive a notification on their mobile devices that leads them to an interactive rendering of the property, they can get a better idea of what it is really like. It brings the home to life and encourages them to imagine themselves in it. In turn, they grow more interested and end up visiting the property. Therefore, this is a great way to optimize your Bluetooth beacon marketing campaigns. Create marketing videos to boost your real estate profits.

Improve Social Media Advertisements

Furthermore, you can use Bluetooth beacon marketing to improve your social media advertisements. Social media channels are great places to market your properties that are for sale. After all, prospective home buyers of all kinds utilize the platforms on a daily basis. However, it can be difficult to reach consumers on social media due to the ever-changing algorithms and the abundance of competitors. With beacon marketing, you can discover which platforms will allow you to reach more prospects. By posting Instagram stories and Facebook check-ins, you can generate a sense of urgency for your prospects. Use this Bluetooth beacon marketing tactic to convince more prospects to visit your properties.

Offer Financial Information

In addition to the above Bluetooth beacon marketing strategies, offer prospects financial information through your notifications. One of prospective home buyers’ biggest concerns when purchasing a house is the cost. They want to know their financial options, which means that they need to first understand how much the home will cost them. While you can easily display the asking price on any notification, you can intrigue prospects even more by supplying them with loan information too. Then, they gain more insight into how purchasing the home would impact their financial situation. Supply real estate financing options to optimize your campaigns.

If you want to close more deals, you need to launch Bluetooth beacon marketing campaigns. To ensure that they are effective, use a click-to-call feature that eliminates unnecessary searching for prospects. Enhance your open house events with your notifications and information. Generate interactive videos to persuade consumers to pay the property a visit. Improve your social media presence by discovering which channel your prospects use the most. Lastly, offer consumers financial information so that they can determine whether the home is affordable or not. Use these methods to optimize your Bluetooth beacon marketing real estate campaign.

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