8 Must-Have Business Card Design Elements For Better Impressions

Business cards are not just a way to give out your business information to prospects you meet. It is a marketing tool that can help you connect on a personal level and foster relationships with clients and customers. Because of this, business cards will not be obsolete any time soon. Your business cards are representative of your brand. For your cards to be useful there need to be specific design components added to them to make them stand out and leave a lasting impression. Successful business owners have unique business cards on hand at all times. Below, you can find some business card printing tips to help you create business cards that will catch the eye of everyone you hand them to. In turn, they will enable you to bring in more new customers.

Simple Can Be Powerful

Less can be more when designing a great business card. You do not need to choose a complex business card setup design to impress prospective clients. More so, when you try to cram too many colors and phrases onto each side of the card, it can look crowded. Often, keeping it simple and unique will give a better impression to prospects.

Add Contact Details

This is another simple business card printing tip that some seem to forget. If you want clients and customers to contact you, give them multiple options for doing so. Add your website, email address, and social media pages as well. If you do not have room for all of your contact details, your site URL and phone number should be the priority.

Attention-Grabbing Designs

Moreover, you need an attention-grabbing design. This design component is often the most difficult to figure out. If you have a new business or brand logo, they should be added to your card setup design. There are many business card types to choose from that will make any design pop. Some to consider are edge painted, spot UV, raised spot UV, silk or glass laminated, metallic foil and raised foil cards.

Die-cut custom shape cards are also popular. They are created using a sharp cutting blade known as a “die” to cut your cards with any shape you can imagine. They can be given custom corners, printed circles, and many more options.

Promo Or Call To Action

The purpose of your business card is to get more clients and customers. To improve your odds, add a promo or call to action on them. These can help you measure how many people are engaging with your card after handing them out. At the very least, you may get more traffic to your website or landing pages.

Match Cards With Brand

Additionally, business cards have the purpose of keeping your brand in prospects’ minds when they need or want the products and services you offer. If your cards communicate something different than your brand, you may end up losing customers before you have them. Stay consistent with all marketing channels, including your business card designs and e business card designs.

Use A QR Code

If you want to keep the design of your business cards clean and straightforward, but you want to give prospects a lot of information, consider adding a QR code as well. They are an easy and efficient way to link your online and printed materials together. Because they are visually cleaner than a website URL, QR codes can be an excellent combination of casual and professional. A prospect can scan the code with their smartphone and be linked to your website or landing page. There are also audible nametag codes that can allow prospects to hear how your name is pronounced.

Add A Tagline And Logo

You also need to include a tagline and logo in your business card. Unfortunately, many business owners and marketing professionals alike forget about these design elements. These are significant extensions of your brand and are necessary for conveying the identity of your business. It is done through words, colors, and shapes. Anyone who receives your card should be able to identify your logo and recognize it if they see it in the future. Brand recognition from your business cards is the key to success.

Map To Your Location

Furthermore, if you want to add a unique design component to your business cards, consider adding a map that will help deliver your customers straight to you. If you choose to add a map on the back of your card, you will save room on the front by not having to add your address.

The design and look you choose for your business cards are essential. They are the perfect marketing tool for connecting with prospects. They also enable you to promote your business effectively. High-quality cards with great designs will thoughtfully promote your products and services, grow your brand, and leave a lasting impression on recipients.

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