5 Best Business Features That Come With A Mac

If you’re working on a MacBook, consider yourself lucky, as it is one of the best business laptops of 2021. Indeed, it boasts incredible user experience, speed, and performance. With each operating system release, the Apple team includes features that make the laptop a perfect fit for work. In this post, we’ve put together the best features that make it easy to do business on your Mac.


Both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air come with powerful processors. For example, a 13-inch MacBook Air (2018) boasts an Intel Core i5 processor. For comparison, a 15-inch MacBook Pro (2018) has an i7 Intel chip, making both models lightning-fast and capable of working with loads of data, as well as video and audio editing. A speedy experience like this can be a much more convenient alternative to a stationary PC, second only to iMacs that feature up to a dozen cores. All in all, Macbooks are as powerful as many PCs and, at the same time, remain a portable device.


If you’re concerned with protecting your data, you may want to consider going with models that feature a T2 security chip, which is a specially designed feature embedded into the processor and enhance online privacy. It has stepped down to Mac laptops from iMacs, as Apple decided to branch out security to a dedicated chip so that your Mac can encrypt and decrypt your data without eating up too many resources.

Storage Management

Using your Mac for work daily often means cluttering your disk space with files, which eventually begins to hog a significant portion of your hard drive, so you may want to optimize it at some point. Your Mac has built-in storage management tools for this purpose. You can find them under the Menu bar – About This Mac – Storage – Manage. Once you open this tab, you can review the options and use one(s) you find fitting.

● Store in iCloud: You can move your data to the Cloud to free up space on your Mac’s disk. Before you dive into this feature, make sure you have a stable Internet connection.

● Optimize Storage: The name of the feature is slightly vague and, in reality, means deleting watched TV shows and movies as well as old email attachments.

● Empty Bin Automatically: This one is self-explanatory and means that by turning this feature on, you’ll get rid of the files that have been hanging around in your Bin for more than 30 days.

● Reduce Clutter: Finally, this feature lets you manually sift through all files you keep on your Mac, review and delete them individually.

Apple Business Manager (ABM)

Apple has created ABM, a space for IT teams to manage an ecosystem of Apple devices within an organization. So, if you run a team, you can quickly register and launch a set of corporate Apple devices, on-site or remotely. ABM also simplifies the setup process for users and lets them work as a team by assigning roles, tasks, privileges, and responsibilities, such as IT security tasks. ABM also offers special prices for apps and books.


Long battery life can be vital for business users who are perpetually on the go. Ideally, a battery should have an all-day capacity, which pertains to many Mac models. Let’s take MacBook Air as an example, guaranteeing 12-13 hours of improved web browsing without charging. If you’re going to use your Mac for a regular daily activity, including messengers, music streaming, web browsing, you can count on 5-6 hours of wireless usage. This is one of the most valuable features MacBook Air can provide for business users.


Macs have a built-in Preview app that lets you quickly view, edit, and mark up documents. Using this app, you can sign documents online in just a few clicks. After you’ve set up Preview, you can open the document you want to sign and click on the pen icon. Then look for the signature box to create a signature. You can do it by taking a picture of your signature or using your iPhone screen as a trackpad to draw your signature.

Second Display

Did you know that you can connect your iPad and use it to expand or mirror your Mac’s screen? All of this is the courtesy of Sidecar, a built-in feature that helps you wirelessly duplicate your Mac’s screen. This app works with a handful of Mac models, so you can check if this feature is compatible with your device. To start with Sidecar, you need to press the AirPlay icon in the menu bar to connect your laptop to your iPad. Then it will reflect your Mac’s desktop, so you can go on and use it just as you use your Mac.

To sum up, MacBooks are a perfect fit for business users, given that they feature fast processors, powerful batteries, and built-in security tools, as well as a load of other valuable features, including storage management, document signing, and second display options. On top of that, you can easily set up a fleet of Mac devices through the Apple Business Manager website.

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