5 Ways Professional Business WiFi Routers Improve Network Reliability

It is safe to say that most modern businesses could not operate without the internet. For business owners, this means purchasing reliable business-grade WiFi routers. Professional routers help business ensure reliable connectivity throughout the course of daily operations. As opposed to wired Ethernet networks, WiFi routers can be accessed by all your employees on a number of devices. While enterprise network systems are readily available and affordable, there are a few features you must look for in your router. When properly utilized, these features greatly boost your network reliability. Continue reading this post to learn the most important ways professional business WiFi routers improve network reliability.

Offer Guest Networks

Enterprise grade WiFi routers provide businesses with guest networks. Wireless guest access provides a separate network name and password from your main business system. If you have clients coming in for meetings, or businesses coming in for presentations, have them access the internet using guest networks. Guest networks are never clustered with user traffic, and are therefore operating at consistent operating speeds. Most importantly, this virtually separates your two networks. Through this, nobody outside of your business is able to access your main network or see traffic analytics. Guest networks offered through professional routers improve the reliability and security of business WiFi.

Protect Against Malware, Spam, & Viruses

Professional-level WiFi routers provide antivirus protection that guards against malware, spam, and viruses. These security features are commonly referred to as UTM (unified threat management) gateway systems. These systems utilize content filtering tools in order to block potentially inappropriate, dangerous, or harmful sites and communications. While you still need antivirus software installed on your business computers, these gateways can address potential problems before they even reach computers. These systems greatly improve security of business networks. This sense of double protection greatly reduces potential threats and improves your system reliability.

Provide Dual Band Support

The best enterprise WiFi routers offer dual band support. This refers to the ability of routers to transmit different frequencies. Separate frequencies help to separate traffic on your networks. This process greatly increases network speed and improves overall system reliability. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks can operate under different network names or even utilize unique passwords. This helps divide the employees that are individually accessing each network. As businesses constantly modernize, some enterprise routers are even beginning to offer tri-band support options. Business WiFi networks utilize dual band support in order to improve system reliability.

Implement Firewall Systems

WiFi routers for businesses additionally implement firewall systems to effectively address and identify potential threats. Small business firewall solutions act as an additional layer to the physical application. Business firewall systems are specifically capable to quickly identify any suspicious activity. These systems take into account that individual users have the ability to compromise the entire performance of your business network. If you are interested in professional WiFi systems for your business, consider purchasing enterprise firewall systems.

Backup 4G Support

Enterprise class routers often incorporate backup 4G support. These are often referred to as dual WAN, or dual internet ports. These systems provide you a backup, reliable internet connection for backup and load balancing. Load balancing is the process of increasing bandwidth using both your backup and traditional network simultaneously. If one connection fails, you can simply connect your router to lines from different providers. This will immediately provide you with a backup connection to utilize. The best WiFi networks for professional businesses provide backup 4G support to help users improve the reliability of connections.

Internet connection is integral to the success of modern businesses. A router is the core component of any business WiFi network. Most professional routers offer guest networks for outside users. They additionally provide dual band support to split internet traffic. Other systems integrate antivirus tools to protects employees against malware, adware, or traditional viruses. Look for routers that implement firewall systems to provide an additional layer of network protection. Furthermore, the best routers offer backup 4G support, to guarantee you can constantly access the internet. Consider the points mentioned above if you are interested in the most important ways professional business WiFi routers improve network reliability.

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