Top 5 Business Network Security Strategies To Protect Your Data


A secure network is essential for every business to keep its and their clients’ data safe and secure from theft, fraud and other attacks. In 2015 there were some notable instances of large companies becoming victims of hacking, such as over 150,000 Talk Talk customers having their personal details stolen.

This should provide a good wake-up call to thousands of smaller businesses to ensure their networks are impenetrable. If you’re not sure about the capabilities of the systems in place to protect your company and clients’ data then now is a better time than ever to ensure it is of top quality. With all of the cybercrime taking place, business owners have to think ahead and be preventive.

Use Encryption

If you want to secure your small business networks, you need to use encryption on every single wireless access point used by your company. If you are not already, your wireless network is vulnerable to anyone trying to gather traffic information and other sensitive data. WPA2 encryption can help to prevent this from happening to your network. It is one of the best encryption methods out there. Find someone to help you encrypt wireless access points now to secure your business network. This should be a much higher priority than local SEO. Do it as soon as you can.

Test It Out

You can never really be fully certain that your network is absolutely secure as there are new tools and methods always being created to break through online barriers. However, it is a good idea to try and put as much anti-virus and protection software in action that will be as effective as possible. This is something you need to account for in your business budget.

Check its current efficiency by using one of the free vulnerability scanners that should highlight any weaknesses and areas that need strengthening. Advanced security measures need to be in place when client information is at risk as compared to home security protection.

Increase Security

Keeping all your computer systems and protection software up to date is the first step to increasing security for any type of office, whether it is a regular office building or a virtual office. Many will do this automatically but double check at least once a week that the latest versions are being used. The same goes for installing new anti-virus technology when it becomes available, usually near the end of each year.

Obvious steps such as setting a network security key that turns on encryption so only those working for your business will be able to access the internal network is essential. This can be done by any local computer repair business. Change it regularly to be extra safe and so any ex-employees don’t endanger your company’s data.

Educate Staff

It is important all the staff that work at your company are aware of the security policy and risks, so as not to share private information. CISCO network security training is one option which can efficiently get all your employees up to speed with the importance of running a secure business. Discover network security training courses.

Hire Business Network Professionals

To increase your talent depth, you can hire a business network professional. These individuals are experience in securing networks so that your business information will be kept safe either on cloud or premise. Whether they have a strict security, programming or technical background, this addition could be a smart move for your team. Furthermore, anyone with good project management experience will be able to find ways to improve your business’s network.

All new employees must be made aware of the importance of keeping files and data safe, especially when dealing with client information, and what steps to take. This should all work together to show how secure your business network is and if anything serious needs doing.

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