Review Of Canada Protection Plan (CPP) Life Insurance

Canada Protection Plan was established in 1992 and had its main offices in Toronto, Ontario. Although this may appear like a young company as opposed to other insurance providers, they honestly do care about you and will prioritize your interest over everything. Forrester’s Financial is the parent company of CPP. They are located across North America and are among the most prominent organizations in the insurance sector. As time progressed, they started growing their business. This encompassed new products. In 2006, they debuted a range of No Medical products and provided alternatives for No Medical lifespan.

This was also the year they introduced a call center and began working directly with clients to boost sales. This allowed sales to be finalized over the phone instead of having in-person contact. CPP is continually receiving traction. Going with the multiple CPP life insurance reviews on the Internet, clients currently have alternatives they didn’t have in the past. This includes the availability of Simplified Issue Life and no medical. You can even take up critical illness insurance if you want. The company’s objective is to help persons who may not qualify for life insurance using other ways. This may be a result of health complications or people who struggle but are in ideal health.

What Is The Value Of CPP?


They are known for their empathetic demeanor. It’s not only the policyholders that are afforded this benefit. They also have employee assistance programs that supports its manpower. CPP shows concern for its staff, distributors, and even the communities they operate in. CPP aims to ensure that everybody that has a relationship with them is treated fairly.


Canadian life insurance providers guarantee and provide funding to policies issued by Canadian Protection Plan. This entails receiving coverage from a company that covers Canadian policyholders if the insurance provider were to fail. That organization is Assuris.

They Are Mindful Of Community

Canada Protection Plan assists the communities they are located. One of their principles is giving back to society, and they do so by contributing to community projects. They are big supporters of the charity.

They Provide Competitive Products

If you are looking for a competitive product, CPP fits the bill. Canada Protection Plans rates and features can match any competitor’s offer.


When you look over the different plans CPP offers, you’ll see that they align with what other competitors provide or even lower. Is taking up a life insurance policy with Canadian Protection Plan the right decision for everybody? Among the key advantages of using the Canada Protection Plan is that you’re not mandated to take a medical test or examination before selecting a product.

Anybody who experiences health complications, drug or alcohol use, genetic problems, or is considered too high risk due to their hobbies will not be subjected to medical tests to receive coverage. Some individuals require insurance coverage hastily, and a medical examination will only slow down matters. Meanwhile, you’ll more likely have to pay a premium for coverage if you rush through the process in this manner.

How Do You Apply For The Canada Protection Plan?

You will be subjected to a vetting process where you’ll be required to answer some questions relating to your health before receiving approval. It’s relatively straightforward. You’ll be given a lower cost if you answer questions honestly. One thing you shouldn’t attempt is providing wrong answers or not disclosing the health condition you are dealing with.

If your answers are found to be false, you may not qualify for insurance, or if you are seeking a claim and the truth comes out, you may not benefit from it. Canada Protection Plan must scrutinize the questionnaire and then decide whether or not to approve your policy. More often than not, approval happens within 48 hours. Even if it extends, CPP still provides the lowest approval times in the field.

Life Insurance Products Accessible Through Canada Protection Plan

Next, we will review some of the various products accessible through CPP and discover what plan may be ideal for you.

CPP Guaranteed Acceptance Life

This is the product you need to go with if you are searching for guaranteed acceptance life insurance coverage. It is suitable for people who need aid in receiving insurance coverage using other means. You don’t come with any prerequisites. They will provide coverage. You can take up this coverage because of a health complication that would hinder you from receiving coverage using other means.

Only a handful of individuals will deem this an ideal policy. When you look at it, you can only receive a maximum insurance coverage of $25,000. Many individuals searching for life insurance want coverage for a much significant amount. What’s more, there is a 2-year period of time when your beneficiaries will get the premium amount you have put in the plan. They stand to receive only $25,000 if you pass on after two years of getting coverage.

CPP Deterred Life

The highest coverage for this product is $75,000. It’s identical to the Guaranteed Acceptance Life policy but a bit improved. It usually provides coverage to individuals with health complications that couldn’t secure coverage using other business insurance companies. Just like Guaranteed Acceptance Life coverage, there is a 2-year waiting duration before the whole premium is paid. If you pass on within the initial two years, your beneficiaries will only be refunded for the premiums you had put in.

CPP Deferred Elite Life

This plan can provide coverage for up to $350,000. Individuals with minor health complications can benefit from the Deferred Elite Life insurance product. They give room for a refund of the premiums for the initial two years after signing the insurance contract. The big distinction is that if you pass on in the second year, your beneficiaries will only be paid half of the insurance coverage.

CPP Simplified Elite

The Simplified Elite insurance policy is the same as other kinds of life insurance. It is meant for healthy clients who want coverage. This policy will generally cost less, even if you are not required to go through any medical test to get ratified. Coverage can reach up to $500,000. If you pass on within the initial two years of taking up the policy, your beneficiaries will get full benefits.

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