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How To Hire A CFO To Grow Your Company Fast

There are several steps to hire a CFO to grow your company fast. Recruiting a CFO can be an excellent business decision, especially for companies that need assistance with taxes, bookkeeping, or financial accounting. Businesses also hire CFOs when revenue is generated faster than originally forecasted. As an HR manager, you may want to hire a CFO to improve financial ... Read More »

What Are The Current SBA Loan Rates For Small Business Funding

There are several steps to determine the current SBA loan rates for small business funding. For modern businesses, government-backed Small Business Administration loans are highly sought after. After all, SBA loans offer some of the most competitive, flexible, and affordable interest rates in the nation. Certainly, these rates are significantly better than those available with traditional lenders, local banks, and ... Read More »

5 Factors That Impact Office Space Rental Rates For Small Businesses  

There are several factors that impact office space rental rates for small businesses. Most companies invest in office spaces to increase overall productivity and to maximize business growth. Purchase an office space that fits any business type and customize it with office decorating ideas such as special features, styles, or amenities. This way, you can decorate your office on a ... Read More »

Can I Get A Bridging Loan With Bad Credit?

One major advantage with bridging finance is its comparative flexibility.  Compared to traditional High Street banks, bridging loan specialists are far more accommodating with the services they provide. The main difference lies in the fact that each bridging loan application is assessed and scrutinized individually. Personal loan eligibility is subsequently determined by the overall merit of the application question. But ... Read More »

A Starter’s Guide To A Commercial Equity Line Of Credit

There are various steps in a guide to obtaining commercial equity lines of credit (CELOC). CELOCs are reliable for short-term, intermediate-term and long-term borrowing. In fact, businesses can utilize CELOCs to improve liquidity, expand operations, improve property finances and enhance working capital. As a business owner of a private company, consider funding from commercial equity lines of credit. Read on ... Read More »

5 Factors For A Secure Bank With Safe Deposit Box Rentals

There are numerous factors for a secure bank with safe deposit box rentals. Safe deposit boxes provide security for all of your valuables, such as important documents, data backup drives and jewelry. Certain banks offer these locked boxes located in a secure vault. As a high net worth individual, you should consider finding the right bank to keep your valuables ... Read More »

What To Do If You Lost Your Business Credit Card

There are various steps to take if you lost your business credit card. Business credit cards can be impacted the same as a personal card, though the results are more dangerous. Business credit cards are not automatically covered by the Fair Credit Billing Act meaning that you may not be protected against unfair usage. Of course, this is also relevant ... Read More »

5 Common Bookkeeping Terms And Concepts For Small Businesses

There are several bookkeeping terms and concepts that small business owners should know. Often times, bookkeeping requires an understanding of specific terminology and acronyms to track financial records. Using these terms, companies can implement functional accounting software, systems and processes within the organization. As a business professional, you can make better business decisions, meet financial obligations and increase profits overall. ... Read More »

Best Expense Reporting App Solutions For Small Businesses

There are several best expense reporting app solutions for small businesses. Expense reporting apps help manage costs, categorize expenses and reimburse employees within companies. Additionally, these apps can verify, in real-time, if business finances are in order. As a business owner, integrate expense tracking programs for an accurate view of finances. This way, you can track how your organization handles ... Read More »

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