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How To Establish A Safe Check Payment System For Your Small Business

Check payment is a widely accepted form of payment that businesses use. All businesses try to establish a check printing system in-house to make the payment process efficient. Whether you have A3 printers or commercial grade solutions in the office, your check payment system can save plenty of time when issuing payments. However, there are some safety concerns with check ... Read More »

5 Ways To Make Accounting For Restaurant Businesses Much Easier

A successful restaurant needs good accounting to survive. With high costs in labor and material, even successful restaurants operate on thin profit margins. Good bookkeeping can maximize that margin to the owner’s benefit. Bad bookkeeping can make the restaurant unprofitable, regardless of sales. As the owner of a small restaurant, you may find yourself confused by accounting. You entered business ... Read More »

How To Find Your Free FICO Score From A Reliable Source

In the 1990’s the Fair Issac Corporation, also called FICO, introduced the first credit score. These scores determine the borrowing power of every American. Despite other means of determining credit, the FICO score has remained the top way banks determines loan approvals. You may be buying an existing business and are in need of a loan. As an American looking ... Read More »

5 Ways To Protect Your Business Through The Divorce Process

To protect your business from the sharing after the divorce, you need to follow several rules that are rather clear and understandable. A business is like one more child that requires constant treatment. Sometimes, the protection of the company from divorce can take years. Be prepared for the process that is continuous. In this post, we will consider all the ... Read More »

5 Steps To Acquire Business Purchase Loans Through SBA

The small business administration, or SBA backs a series of business purchase loans. These loans are devised and guaranteed by the SBA, then offered by banks and other lenders. The SBA offers these loans to help entrepreneurs buy existing small businesses. As a would-be entrepreneur, an SBA loan can provide you with the funds to buy a business even if ... Read More »

How To Budget Your Luxury Senior Living Lifestyle

Luxury senior living is an increasingly popular option for retired seniors. These luxury communities offer upscale amenities such as restaurants, entertainment, and fitness centers. As someone who is retired and looking for living options, luxury senior living may be how you want to spend the rest of your days. You may be asking yourself “When should I refinance?”, and decide ... Read More »

Why Get A Virtual Financial Advisor For Your Business

Finding a reliable, accomplished financial advisor is an essential step toward developing a successful business. If your looking for business help, one place you may look is to a financial advisor. Location and funding are two factors that may make this difficult for business owners. These two factors are fortunately meaningless when hiring a virtual financial advisor. As a business ... Read More »

Why Are There Three Credit Bureaus and How Do They Differ?

When thinking about credit reports and credit bureaus, many people immediately think of the three largest credit reporting agencies. These three are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. While some there are some alternative credit bureaus, the three mentioned above are just the largest and therefore dominate the market. Are Credit Bureaus Run By The Government? It is a common misconception that ... Read More »

5 Detailed ACH Integration Factors To Consider For Payments

The American Clearing House, or ACH, is a tool used by many companies to handle their monetary transfers and payment processing. ACH integration comes with many security benefits for the companies involved. As a company’s CFO, you may wonder what factors might cause problems with ACH integration. While the ACH offers many advantages, there are factors with using it that ... Read More »

How A Personal Injury Attorney Recovers Lost Wages And Expenses

It has been estimated that more than 16,000 automobile accidents occur in the United States every day. Hundreds of thousands of American citizens miss work each year because of work-related injuries or medical errors. The consequences of an injury may include lost wages, huge medical expenses, and even inability to earn in the future. What To Do After An Injury? ... Read More »

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