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Step-By-Step Capital Budgeting Guide For Business Investments


Capital budgeting is a planning process that is used to evaluate large-scale investments and expenses. These costs can include the purchase of new machinery, the acquisition of property, the creation of new products and a variety of other major purchases and projects. This financial assessment must be performed carefully in order to ensure that the company’s funds are well-spent. Before ... Read More »

4 Ways To Calculate Inventory Turnover Ratio In Management Accounting


There is all types of turnover in business. You might be aware of human resource turnover, margin turnover or turnover costs in general. Typically, these types of turnover have to do with measuring a rate of change. However, today we will be discussing inventory turnover specifically. This ratio can be a helpful tool for anyone managing a business, offering you ... Read More »

Before Refinancing Student Loans, Ask These Crucial Questions


If you are a recent college grad who has acquired tens of thousands of dollars of debt in pursuit of your degree, it can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. This is especially true if you were unable to secure a job right after graduation. Thankfully, refinancing student loans is always an option. However, there are some things you should know before ... Read More »

Introduction To Intangible Assets For Small Business Owners


As a new business owner, you may be introduced to certain financial and legal concepts that you had never before faced as an individual. Among these terms are intangible assets. If you own a business, it is important to be able to recognize what intangible assets are and how they may play into your business practices. Below is a complete ... Read More »

Tips To Help Reduce Fixed Expenses Without Hurting Your Business


Running a business can be an expensive venture. That is why it is important for business owners to be on the lookout for ways in which they can reduce fixed expenses. Fixed expenses may include your office rent, insurance and salaries. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to reduce these overhead costs without hurting your business. For more information on ... Read More »

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