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How To Limit The Impact Of Personal Financial Problems On Business

Business owners face the unique challenge of having two financial “lives” to maintain: their personal financial lives and their business financial lives. To keep both areas moving along and growing, it is crucial to bring in steady revenue, limit expenses, and save for emergency expenses. However, since we don’t live in a perfect world, all business owners have the potential ... Read More »

5 Steps To Take When A Cash Advance Makes Sense

There comes a time in the operation of every business when cash is scarce. Both small and large businesses may end up borrowing money in some form. Whether your business is a brand new startup or a well established organization, you may get to a financial point when a cash advance is required. If you are a business owner in ... Read More »

Prepare For Selling Your Company In A Competitive Market

Selling your company is a major decision that many small business owners must sometimes make. If done properly, the sale can be an excellent way to retire, advance your career or simply earn a profit. As a business owner, you want to take selling your company into consideration. Before you put your business on the market, however, it is important ... Read More »

Make Finances In Your 50’s Easier With These 7 Savvy Ideas

Compound interest is a great ally. However, it needs time to work on your behalf to grow your assets. As people are living longer, they are going to need more savings to fund their retirement investing because there seems little likelihood of the Social Security System doing that. It was never designed to be more than a support in old ... Read More »

Get A Company Valuation That Accurate Reflects Business Value

Company valuation, also known as business valuation, is the process of determining the economic value of a commercial organization. There are three main methods that are often utilized throughout the company valuation process. Additionally, there are a variety of ways that you can help ensure accuracy and success. To learn more about the top 5 company valuation tips, keep reading ... Read More »

Important Partnership Taxation Basics For Profit And Loss Reporting

If you are just entering into a position in business accounting, you may need some help brushing up on partnership taxation regulations and factoring rules. After all, business taxes are much different than personal accounting needs. If you want a recap of the basics of partnership taxes, keep reading below for a refresher. Aggregate vs. Entity The most notable of ... Read More »

Helpful Advice To Reducing The Interest On Your Small Business

We’re currently living in uncertain, but interesting, times for businesses. With recent new restrictions, an upcoming general election and the looming fate of Brexit, economic predictability is at a premium. While the manifestos of the two most likely outcomes from June’s polling would suggest drastically different approaches taken towards both personal and business taxation, and with the possibility of the ... Read More »

How To Increase Household Income With 5 Sure-Fire Ways

After years of economic trouble, things are beginning to look up. The thought of providing for yourself and your family can be daunting. However, the current market can provide you with many opportunities to make more money and thrive. Individuals who are looking to increase their household income should use the tips below. Ask For A Raise If you currently ... Read More »

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