Best Expense Reporting App Solutions For Small Businesses

There are several best expense reporting app solutions for small businesses. Expense reporting apps help manage costs, categorize expenses and reimburse employees within companies. Additionally, these apps can verify, in real-time, if business finances are in order. As a business owner, integrate expense tracking programs for an accurate view of finances. This way, you can track how your organization handles and manages cash flow. Here are the best expense reporting app solutions for your small business.

Automation Featured Solutions

Expense reporting automation featured solutions are popular for small businesses. This app is patented with advanced technology. As a result, automation features can remove manual data entry while providing expense report management and receipt tracking. More over, you can automatically document, report and submit expenses to create reports in real-time. Simply capture an image of the receipt including merchant, data and price, to be automatically coded. This code will allow for faster reimbursements. Furthermore, it assists in corporate card reconciliation, account integration and one-day direct deposit reimbursement. Certainly one of the best expense report apps for small businesses has automation featured solutions.

Account Linking Solutions

Next, a top expense tracking app for your small business integrates account linking solutions. Track your operation expenses when spending and income when receiving. You can connect to all banks, credit cards or third-party solutions on web browsers, iOS or Android devices.  Through the app, you can complete invoices, billing programs and accept payments while managing your cash. In fact, you can maximize your tax deductions, track travel miles and run reports. Additionally, utilize all security features such as verisign scanning, firewall protected servers and password-protected logins. Of course, you can include multiple permission processes to provide access for additional users to each account. Certainly, use the best expense reporting app with account linking solutions for your business.

Real-Time Travel Tracking Solutions

Surely, a popular expense reporting app for your business has real-time travel tracking solutions. These solutions can integrate with Google Maps, Gmail and other business travel applications. Google Maps, in real-time, tracks driver’s mileage to provide you with receipts and billable hours. All data and be categorized on the app by employee, date and location. Of course, Gmail allows you to automatically track digital receipts and receipt images in real-time. Finally, you can access solutions that track airfare, rentals and hotels for business operations. Book everything through the app and receive currency exchange rate calculations. Definitely, integrate expense reporting apps with real-time travel tracking solutions especially if your small business is international.

Investment Solutions

Certainly, consider an expense reporting app integrated with investment solutions. These solutions track and organize all expenses made on credit or debit cards. You will receive charts that display your monthly income while breaking down monthly expenses. More so, you can access financial dashboards for free. Or, access wealth management services for a fee of about .90% per year. These services offer investment management options, such as a robo-advisor and robo calling features, that provides support. You can create a retirement plan and receive investment checkups as needed. Surely, include expense reporting apps with investment solutions in your small business operations.

Cloud Solutions

Finally, invest in a expense tracking app with cloud solutions for your small business. Integrate this cloud-based app on your desktop or mobile device for co-existing data syncs. You can track your income and transactions from any location as long as you have WiFi or cellular connection. More so, you can collaborate with your team while away from the building. This highly encourages productivity and workflow. Of course, the solution protects your data on the cloud by storing it behind a 256-bit SSL encryption. This allows you to access your payments, verify information and generate reports safely from any device. Certainly integrate expense reporting apps with cloud solutions into your small business.

There are various best expense reporting app solutions for small businesses. Consider small business automation featured solutions for expense report management, data maintenance and easy receipt tracking. Of course, use expense tracking apps with account linking solutions to manage all banking accounts, credit cards and third-party apps. Surely, integrate real-time travel tracking solutions to maintain travel processes including gas, airfare and payments. Definitely consider investment solutions within your expense reporting app to access robo-advisors, retirement plans and investment checkups. Finally, integrate your expense tracking app with cloud solutions to access data, payments and employees while away from the office. These are the best expense reporting app solutions for small businesses.

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