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Why Do Modern Small Businesses Lack Reliable Customer Support?

Many modern businesses, while successful in their daily endeavors, lack a high quality, reliable customer service department. Most companies look at customer support as a costly expense and not as a revenue generator. For them, it is all about solving the problem of tickets as economically as possible (sadly), which implies under-resourced, and under-paid customer support agents. In case you’re ... Read More »

5 Guidelines To Women’s Professional Attire In Business

There are several guidelines to consider when choosing a wardrobe for women’s professional attire in business. As a female business owner, it’s important to understand the culture that you want to exemplify through your professional attire. In addition, dress code affects productivity and company environment. You should consider the nature of your industry. Business professional attire tends to be more ... Read More »

How To Create A Modern Corporate Giving Program

There are several steps to create a modern corporate giving program for your organization. Corporate giving programs allow companies and employees to give back to their communities. They benefit a company’s image, improve employee engagement, and help those in need. The benefits of corporate philanthropy have remained the same over the years. However, the way in which companies give back ... Read More »

8 Creative Ways To Improve Workplace Teamwork And Collaboration

Managing a business can be tough at times, and many individuals are always looking at ways to promote teamwork in the workplace. While promoting individuality and independence is also great, it’s also vital that we can work well with other people, and put our minds together at times. With a high degree of teamwork, you can largely improve employee morale ... Read More »

5 Features Of Best Free Project Management Software For Small Business

There are several features of the best free project management (PM) software for small business. Studies show that communication and accountability are employees’ biggest obstacles in the workplace. Many teams face difficulties managing multiple projects simultaneously, delegating tasks, and collaborating across different departments. Furthermore, inefficiency in your small business’s current project management system can lead to missed deadlines and employee ... Read More »

How A Coffee Maker For Office Boosts Employee Productivity And Performance

There are several ways that a coffee maker for office can boost employee productivity. Research studies suggest that offering coffee in the workplace can significantly increase employees’ work ethic. As a small business manager, consider how an office coffee maker can impact employee performance. Many employees drink coffee to start off their day, as part of daily routine, for taste, ... Read More »

Are You Practicing Constructive Problem-Solving In Your Organization?

Being a leader isn’t just about delegating work and managing teams. Strong leadership comes from the cultivation of important soft skills for workplace success. One of the most important is a strong ability to solve problems constructively. Constructive problem-solving is the antithesis of absolutes and ultimatums. It’s about finding a positive outcome from a negative situation, and realizing opportunities for ... Read More »

How CRM For Creatives Maximizes ROI For Clients

If you own a graphic design agency, you are likely interested in how to make your company more productive. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system. In a creative industry such as graphic design, you have a substantial amount of information to track. From sending mockups to logging time ... Read More »

How A Certified Nonprofit Consultant Can Help Your Small Business

Certified nonprofit consultants offer several services to help your small business achieve success. Nonprofit organizations have objectives that are unlike traditional, for-profit businesses. Nobody understands this better than certified nonprofit consultants. With sufficient education and expertise, the top nonprofit consultants can help you outline your objectives, plan your business strategy, and ensure you stay on track to complete your goals. ... Read More »

5 Simple Ways Employers Can Productively Manage Stress At Work

Work can be extremely stressful—tight deadlines, unsatisfied clients, an ever-growing workload. This increased anxiety can make clocking into your 9 to 5 dreadful. In fact, the CDC reports that 29 percent of workers feel “quite a bit or extremely stressed at work,” and 40 percent report their job is “very or extremely stressful.” Stress is bad for a variety of ... Read More »

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