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How To Start A Business Mentorship Program In Your Office

Managers interested in improving employee performance and satisfaction may want to consider starting a mentorship program. Business mentorship is a relationship between an inexperienced employee and a seasoned colleague. Mentors are already successful in their field. They provide their trainees with valuable feedback and assistance in the workplace. Business mentoring programs give employees the help and experience they need in ... Read More »

How To Build A Team And Motivate Your Employees

As a business grows, there comes a need to have more people working towards its goals. You cannot do everything on your own if you wish to succeed, and delegation is of the essence. As an employer, you often have to come up with new ways to motivate your employees. It could be in the form of employee retirement gift ... Read More »

5 Exciting Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas For Work

There are several exciting corporate holiday party entertainment ideas to bring some fun to your next office party. Organizing your annual holiday party can be a difficult task. Planning some source of entertainment guarantees everyone will have fun at your next corporate gathering. The best holiday party entertainment ideas make your employees have fun, socialize, and feel valued. With a ... Read More »

How To Stay Productive As A Remote Worker

There had been a trend the last few years of people moving towards working remotely. With all that’s happening in the world, there has been an absolute explosion in people working remotely. Companies are telling their employees to work from home. And people getting laid off from their jobs are starting their own business from their home office to keep ... Read More »

5 Creative Ideas For Your Simple Employee Handbook

A simple employee handbook is like a road map for your organization’s processes and procedures. This document serves as a compilation of company-wide policies and protocols. It also outlines employees’ legal rights and obligations. Having an employee handbook clarifies rules and responsibilities of all team members. This way, there is no question about what is required and expected of them. ... Read More »

How To Plan Company Retreats That Boost Employee Morale

Company retreats boost morale and bring employees together. In high-stress and competitive work environments, hard work may go unnoticed. Corporate retreats provide an opportunity for managers to let employees know that they are valued and appreciated. This fosters better working relationships and ultimately improves morale. At corporate retreats, employees are taken out of their daily roles. These team building events ... Read More »

How To Prevent Employee Burnout Through Work Life Balance

In today’s highly mobile, constantly connected society, an increasing number of employees are feeling the pressure to be always “on.” Staff are working at all hours, making few distinctions between company time and personal time. Many are overworked to the point where it is harming their health. The constant stress takes a toll on the body and mind. In fact, the situation is so serious that in 2019, the World Health Organization officially listed burnout ... Read More »

5 Successful Sales Team Management Strategies That Boost Representative Performance

Sales team managers need to implement a number of strategies to boost the performance of their representatives. With a number of other business aspects to consistently monitor, deploying the top sales team management strategies can seem difficult. However, practicing the best strategies improves your employee morale, drives better results, and encourages the exchange of ideas. When properly followed, management strategies ... Read More »

Simple Ways To Improve Company Culture For Modern Businesses

Since the early 1990s, business owners have been intentionally implementing ideas to create the ideal environment for their employees. Today, company culture is an important factor in the decision-making process. In a recent study, the majority of people expressed that company culture carried more weight than compensation. Employees are looking for companies whose values are consistent with their own. It ... Read More »

5 Ways A SMART Goals Worksheet Improves Office Productivity

Managers want to know how to use goal setting methods to improve office productivity. The best way to do this is by using a SMART Goals worksheet. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based. SMART goal setting methods effectively measure individual criteria to improve office productivity. They are used by businesses across many industries. These worksheets help ... Read More »

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