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Top Assertiveness Techniques Every Manager Should Try


Managers need to command a level of respect in order to be effective leaders. Businesses cannot thrive without good leaders. Often when staff are subject to a timid manager, productively is negatively impacted. If this is the case with your employees, you may benefit from learning assertiveness techniques. These techniques will allow you to gain control over your office. In ... Read More »

5 Requirements To Become A Top Manager At Your Company


Top managers are the highest ranking executives of a company. They hold titles such as President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operational Officer (COO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO), to name a few. They are the highest paid employees but they also carry the most responsibility for the future of the company. Here are five necessary ... Read More »

How To Get PMP Certification In Michigan The Right Way


Project management is one of the most secure professions in the United States. Opportunities for jobs are growing across the nation and starting salaries are consistently high. While it is possible to become a project management professional (PMP) with just a bachelor’s degree, it is highly preferable to get certified. Certification opens you up to further opportunities and higher salaries. ... Read More »

5 Step Succession Management Guide To Avoid Crisis


Succession management is the formal process by which businesses identify employees that can fill leadership roles within an organization when there is a change in leadership based on the employees performance. It is sometimes referred to as “building a bench” of players that can step up, should a key member of staff move on. This process is most often used ... Read More »

Advantages Of Professional Project Manager Certification


While the exam process might be long and arduous, there are many benefits to becoming certified as a professional project manager. Firstly, you learn universal management skills that can be used in a variety of professional settings. Secondly, your career paths will open up towards new opportunities. And finally, your potential salary will boost tremendously. If you are already in ... Read More »

Manage Multiple Projects Successfully With Five Efficient Tips


Being a business owner requires a lot of multi-tasking. You may have several projects at once, all of equal importance. Sometimes you will need to manage multiple projects of varying importance at once. For either situation, here are the top five tips on successfully managing multiple projects. Make A List Before you start managing multiple projects, you should create a ... Read More »

Successful Management Leadership Training Options


All business owners wish for good managers, but once in a while we find something better – a leader. A leader will not only manage the daily operations of a business, but will also inspire your employees to live the company values and go above and beyond. We are not always lucky enough to find natural born leaders. However, we ... Read More »

Is A Scanlon Plan Right For Your Business?


  A scanlon plan is a type of gain-sharing program that rewards employees for their contributions. It places an emphasis on group of employees performance. A scanlon plan is intended to boost profits by establishing a direct connection between work and reward. While implementation can be difficult, scanlon plans can help accelerate your company’s financial growth. If you are a ... Read More »

How To Implement A Loss Leader Strategy Profitably


The loss leader strategy is a business concept that has been in use for years, and has been proven quite successful. Business owners can use this strategy to win customers back from a competitor, or to penetrate a new market. The idea is to price an item below market cost, at a loss, in order to draw customers in to ... Read More »

Helpful IT Management Training Options For Business


There are many options out there for IT management training courses. If you are a project manager looking to improve your craft and add depth to your resume, you may be interested to know what is out there. This post will provide you with some options for IT management training courses so you can not only improve yourself, but improve ... Read More »

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