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How To Develop A Profitable Small Business Marketing Budget

There are several steps to create a successful small business marketing budget. Every business owner knows that marketing is an essential responsibility to ensure consistent small business profitability and growth. While many researchers recommend specific benchmarks for your small business marketing budget, there are many additional steps and precautions to initially consider. With the proper marketing budget developed, you can ... Read More »

How To Create A Startup Marketing Plan To Kickstart Your Business Launch

There are several steps to create a profitable startup marketing plan to kickstart your new business launch. The success of your business largely depends on your ability to market your products and communicate with your audience. A well-defined marketing plan is essential to identify your audiences’ motivations. At the same time, your strategy defines where you will be communicating with ... Read More »

How To Use Cold Email To Boost Your New Business

There are several sophisticated ways to use cold email to boost your new business. With the cold email techniques properly deployed, you can largely improve your marketing strategy and your email response rate. Cold email outreach is sent without prior contact or permission from the recipient. Therefore, in order for communications to be effective, several careful factors must be taken. ... Read More »

How Influencer Marketing Campaigns Transform Startups

When employed correctly, an influencer marketing campaign can transform your startup. Influencer campaigns represent the future of digital marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is a multi billion dollar industry. Still, it is accessible to businesses with smaller budgets. This makes influencer marketing an ideal choice for startups. These campaigns bring your product or service directly to the right demographic. They do ... Read More »

5 Important Pieces To Include In Your Electronic Press Kit

There are several important pieces for musicians to place in their electronic press kits, or EPK. Well-developed press kits serve as a detailed record to provide producers, bookers, reporters, or bloggers all the information for their media coverage. There are a variety of formats your EPK can be placed in. Most commonly, press kits are shared within presentation or PDF ... Read More »

6 Cheap Social Media Marketing Strategies That Boost Online Growth

Social media campaigns present a versatile and cost-effective marketing strategy for businesses. Because of this, the majority of companies today use social media to reach their audience. Studies show that consumers are more receptive to messages when they are consumed through social media. This marketing strategy is thus an effective way to target your audience through trusted channels where they ... Read More »

What To Look For In Small Business Marketing Companies

Small companies often lack the man power necessary to roll out a successful marketing strategy. This is where a third party digital marketing agency comes in. These marketing companies work with small businesses to implement successful strategies that lead to growth. For small businesses, hiring a consulting agency is preferential to an in-house staff. These marketing companies offer skills and ... Read More »

6 Pivotal Networking Strategies That Work At Home

Seemingly overnight, the world has turned upside down. More than 90% of Americans are now under stay at home orders. With all but essential businesses closed, most people are now telecommuting and working from home if they are lucky enough to remain employed. There’s nothing new about remote work. 5% of all workers have already telecommuted full-time. On top of ... Read More »

5 Ways Branding Experts Add Value To Your Business

Branding experts are well versed in the specific techniques necessary to add value to your business. To do this, they implement brand strategy into their marketing campaigns. Branding experts are responsible for the visual and copy components of each marketing campaign. They also focus on the intangible aspects of marketing. This includes customer perception and company culture. They create concepts ... Read More »

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