5 Key Features Of Event Planning Tool Platforms For Marketers

There are many features of event planning tool platforms for marketers. These platforms help organizers execute aspects of event planning such as venue booking and email invitations. By using a planning tool solution, marketers keep all event-relevant information and data in a single platform. This way, they spend more time marketing and crafting a memorable event. As a marketing professional, event planning tools allow attendees to register online, facilitate secure payments, and increase attendee interaction with speakers. Read on to discover key features of event planning tool platforms for marketers.

Secure Ticketing

Secure ticketing is one key feature of planning tools, since the largest portion of event revenue comes from ticket sales. Maximize your profits by using a tool to offer quick and simple ticketing options. As an organizer, you should easily list event tickets from the back end. Additionally, the platform should be transparent about pricing and any related fees. Many ticketing software charges percentage fees, while some have a flat-rate ticketing fee. Listing different types of tickets enables you to provide discounts and special deals in addition to clarity of the payment structure. Absolutely, providing secure ticketing capabilities simplifies the most important process for event profits.

Registration Management

Managing attendee registration provides control over the most important process for profitable events. To maximize your number of registrants and attendees, you need a registration process that is seamless to the user. Back end-wise, software that keeps all registration data in one place and allows you to manage it. This way, you manage your event from start to finish with valuable insights that can be used for strategic marketing decisions. Certainly, registration management features provide extra time to focus on making your event the best it can be.

Hot Leads

Planning tools that highlight hot leads increase conversion chances. Potential attendees that have past interactions with your event brand are more likely to make purchases. Using a tool to track consumers who started but didn’t finish the event registration process allows you to target them specifically. Launch targeted campaigns that encourage them to go back and complete their registration. Often, targeted campaigns like this have high conversion rates. Of course, displaying hot leads allows the ad targeting and conversion of the best leads.

Event Marketing

The best event planning tools provide features for advertising and marketing your event as well. Using these features, you can create event websites that market and advertise your event for you. Additionally, you’ll be able to craft email and social media marketing campaigns promoting your event. These campaigns capture and engage interested leads, converting them into event attendees. Surely, event advertising and marketing capabilities provide engagement and conversion increases.

Seating & Diagramming

Venue seating and diagramming features streamline many manual processes. These processes include creating room plans and seating charts. By using a tool for these tasks, you improve the flow of the venue, foster networking opportunities between attendees, and generate leads. Additionally, planning seating and diagramming your event improves communication and collaboration with event stakeholders. Indubitably, tools with seating and diagramming features provide total control over the flow of your event.

There is a myriad of key event planning tool features for marketers. One such feature is secure ticketing capabilities, that provide simple processes for the most important part of any event. Registration management features cut down on time spent searching for registration data. Tools that track hot leads enable targeting of the hot leads to increase conversions. Advertising and marketing features enable significant engagement and conversion increases. Finally, seating and diagramming features provide complete control of your event’s flow. When searching for key features of event planning tools for marketers, consider the features described above.

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