5 Creative Christmas Party Ideas For Office Celebrations

There are various creative Christmas party ideas for office celebrations. An office Christmas party can be used to praise workers, show them how appreciated they are, increase workforce motivation and give back for all their hard work. Generate a budget to create events that spread Christmas cheer and allow employees to enjoy each other’s company. As a business owner, you should host a party that your employees are thrilled to attend. Here are some top creative Christmas party ideas for office celebrations.

Christmas Movie Marathon

Certainly, have a Christmas movie marathon as an office Christmas party. One of the most popular holiday traditions is gathering and watching Christmas films. First, get a smart projector. Then, find a location where employees can gather, relax and enjoy their favorite holiday movies. Make sure to send out a survey before the viewing to decide which movies to feature. Additionally, if you find a big enough venue, you can allow employees to bring family members and children. Of course, provide traditional snacks such as popcorn, pizza and candy. You can also include holiday treats such as cookies and hot chocolate. Hosting a Christmas movie marathon is an entertaining Christmas party idea for office celebrations.

Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest

An ugly holiday sweater contest is an enjoyable corporate event idea for office celebrations. Set up a crafting area where employees can decorate and deface their sweaters. Certainly, buy sweaters from a thrift store, buy plain ones or request that employees provide their own sweaters. Supply holiday art supplies such as glue guns, glitter, bells, candy canes, fake snow, paint and markers. Then, once the sweaters are complete, allow employees to strut their sweaters on a runway and allow other employees to vote for the ugliest one. Of course, provide the winner with a gift card or other prize. Additionally, you can arrange lunch to be catered so employees can eat while decorating their sweaters. Definitely host an ugly holiday sweater contest as a creative Christmas party idea for office celebrations.

Holiday Crafts & Baking

Of course, holiday crafts and baking are another creative Christmas party idea for office celebrations. You can buy gingerbread house building kits and allow your employees to work together or alone to make the best gingerbread house. Certainly, supply extra decor such as candy canes, gum drops, icing and sprinkles. Give your employees a time limit and then have them present their creation. Other employees and managers vote and the best house wins a prize. Additionally, you can have a cookie baking contest. With the same supplies, employees can use dough to make different cookie shapes and sizes. Then, host the contest where selected judges pick the best cookies based off taste, design and effort. Surely, holiday crafts and baking are a creative Christmas party idea for office celebrations.

Winter Wonderland

Furthermore, you can host a winter wonderland as an office celebration. Request that guests arrive to the event in white attire from sweaters to dresses. Before they arrive, ensure that the venue is decorated accordingly. Place fake snow on the tables, hang snowflakes from the ceiling, set up snowmen, assemble Christmas trees and create fun igloo sculptures for children to play in. Include fun activities such as a gift exchange. Of course, include food and drinks for guests of all ages. This event is to let employees to become better coworkers and for their family members to enjoy the beautiful Christmas scenery. Definitely think about hosting a winter wonderland as a creative Christmas party idea for office celebrations.

Holiday-Themed Karaoke Battle

Finally, hold a holiday-themed karaoke battle Christmas party at the office. Set up a stage with one or multiple microphones, speakers and a song machine. This lets more than one employee perform at once. Encourage your employees to come on stage and share the holiday cheer with fun Christmas songs. Additionally, supply fun props to make the show more entertaining such as Santa hats, beards, reindeer antlers or ski goggles. Of course, provide food and drinks for those over the age of 21. Employees and guests can eat, drink and socialize while singers choose their songs or if there is a karaoke break. Allow guests to vote for the best singer with either an applause rating or a survey at the end of the night. You can gift the winner a gift card or other prize. Certainly hold a holiday-themed karaoke battle as a creative Christmas party idea for office celebrations.

Surely there are several creative Christmas party ideas for office celebrations. Celebrate Christmas by hosting an ugly holiday sweater party where employees get to compete for a prize. Of course, host a Christmas movie marathon to allow your employees to gather and enjoy their favorite films. Additionally, conduct holiday crafts and baking contests to let employees show their skills while making cute holiday treats. Furthermore, host a winter wonderland so employees can enjoy the beautiful scenery with colleagues and family. Finally hold a holiday-themed karaoke battle as guests can loosen up and enjoy holiday classics with their colleagues. These are various creative Christmas party ideas for office celebrations.

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