The Secret To Becoming A Better Coworker Revealed

Being a good coworker is no doubt important in the workspace, especially in the sphere of technology and startups where employees usually work on different projects and have no ties to one another.

If you are working in a large business rental space, among many people, you might ask yourself if you should consider others like your colleagues, how to start a conversation with them, is it appropriate to wish them a good day, or is it polite to get coffee for yourself and just forget about everyone else.

This article will discuss the basics of being a better coworker based on tips given by professional and experienced coworkers.

Respect the Calm Atmosphere

Respecting others also includes respecting a calm atmosphere in the office. To illustrate, the loud noise of your conversations or phone ringing or beeping might be a distraction to those around working. Therefore, always be aware of this basic politeness rule, and never act like it is your personal space.

Sometimes your workspace won’t be suitable for meetings, group discussions, or workshops with your other coworkers, thus, you might need to look for alternative spaces, especially if you need some privacy. Most of the countries offer office spaces for rent Toronto or in other big cities, might be a good example. To illustrate, the Canadian city offers a wide variety of office spaces for rent to have fulfilling and happy working days for those who need a private office for an hour, or for the ones who work full-time.

Follow the Space Etiquette

In order to have a pleasant working environment, you must treat the space you work in with respect to its physical aspects. To illustrate, if you leave the light on in an empty room, you will be paying the fees, so why not avoid all the extra payments and just conserve energy for a happier workplace?

Additionally, you must be prepared to work in your less favorite corner, even if you have that one precious space you want for yourself. Another important aspect of being a good coworker is leaving your working desk exactly as it was when you found it.

Hiding your bad mood is also crucial in the work field. If you are having a bad day avoid spreading your negative energy among coworking space colleagues, instead, try to keep your mind off the negative aspects of life and focus on the happy working environment you are in.

Participation And Interaction

Never consider yourself working alone on an island, even during your difficult days when you just want to keep your head down and avoid contact with any human being. As a matter of fact, participation is highly considered as an aspect of wisdom.

Go with the flow and act according to your space’s environment, whether it is calm or lively. Try to get involved and take part in discussions among your colleagues during your shift.  To add, respond to others’ questions or issues, by sharing your ideas, thoughts, and experience. You do not need to spend hours giving advice, but ten minutes of your time can build friendly relations with others.

Offering Coffee

Making tea or coffee is one of those simple aspects to be a good coworker, even when your colleague didn’t ask for it. After all, isn’t it refreshing to get offered a cup of tea or coffee? Usually, a great coworking space will have a commercial coffee machine for others to use. Bringing fruits, cookies, or chocolate is also a way to win others respect and attention. Everyone would love to get a small treat during those hard office days.


Being a good coworker is not hard after all, and sometimes small things can really make a difference. To add, never forget that your colleagues are human beings who have their own everyday challenges or pressures, and goals. Thus, always be respectful and understanding. As for last advice, never give the time or lend the money that you cannot afford to lose.

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