5 Factors For Purchasing Commercial Hurricane Glass Windows In Florida

Commercial businesses in need to protect themselves from Florida’s harsh natural elements. According to studies, total home destruction is often caused by sudden pressure changes that occur when windows and doors blowout entirely. Likewise, increased air pressure caused by storms and hurricanes can blow roofs off commercial businesses as well. As a business owner, you need to understand that the main advantage of hurricane-resistant windows is structural. There is a common misconception that these non-breaking windows prevent water damage. While they might decrease the impact, these windows’ secret to keeping windows and doors intact is preventing air changes that lead to devastating collapses. Read on to discover several considerations when purchasing commercial hurricane glass windows Florida.


One of the most important features to compare when selecting your FL business hurricane glass windows is protection. Notably, there are different options to storm proof your windows. Each one provides a different level of impact protection. For instance, a simple coating is not going to provide as much stability as installing custom impact-resistant windowpanes. One of the strongest designs on the market installs two separate panes of impact-resistant glass sealed together with a protective interlayer. This interlayer provides increased structural stability to resist high-velocity projectiles that result from high wind speeds. These projectiles can threaten the safety of your commercial business’s valuable assets as well as your employees if they are in the building. It is essential to compare design varieties to achieve optimal protection from Florida tropical storms and hurricanes.

Options To Lower Energy Costs

In addition to increased protection, Florida hurricane glass windows have different options available to lower your commercial facility’s energy costs. When seeking out your top options, consider the material of the glass. The most energy cost-effective window glazing option is tinted laminated glass. However, laminated glass or insulated laminating glass with a low-E coating can deliver higher energy cost savings. Lo-E was originally developed to minimize the amount of UV light that can pass through without impacting the amount of visible light transmitted. While these options are a higher initial investment, they generate significant savings on utilities my minimizing the required energy to cool your commercial business. It is essential to consider different storm window options available to lower energy costs of your FL business.

Reduced Insurance Fees

With Florida storm proof windows installed on your commercial facility, you can reduce your insurance fees. Typically, FL commercial properties are charged high insurance expenses because they need increased coverage in the event of a natural disaster damaging their business. By improving your property’s defenses, your insurance provider may lower your insurance premiums. All you would need to do is install commercial impact windows and doors. Prior to the installation, you should discuss lower rates with your insurance company. Just as fire insurance coverage protects your business, natural disaster insurance can also protect your company. But with storm windows, it does not have to be as expensive. Hurricane glass windows Florida can give your business increased protection while lowering your insurance fees.

Noise Reduction

When choosing your commercial impact windows for your Florida company, you should compare different materials’ noise reduction capabilities. Especially if you are located in an area with frequent construction, traffic, and other sources of noise pollution, this is an important feature to look for in your impact windows. Excess noise can be distracting to your employees, making it difficult to concentrate. Because most noise enters your building through windows, this upgrade is an effective technique to improve productivity in your company. Moreover, soundproofing can also improve client and customer experience within your facility. Noise reduction is a valuable feature to seek in your hurricane glass windows for your FL business.

Testing & Certifications

Furthermore, when purchasing hurricane glass windows for your Florida business, you should consider testing and safety certifications of the products and installers. Optimally, your hurricane glass has been engineered to meet high safety standards and ensure quality performance. For example, one Florida commercial impact window company has achieved certifications from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, Safety Glazing Certification Council, and Insulating Glass Certification Council. Some companies regulate their products’ safety with small missile impact testing. You should find product manufacturers with monitored testing procedures to ensure you are purchasing high quality materials. When purchasing hurricane glass windows for your FL commercial business, consider testing and certifications.

There are several important factors to consider when purchasing commercial hurricane glass windows Florida. First, you need to weigh how different options impact your business’s protection. There are also different material options to lower energy costs. In addition, you could earn reduced insurance fees by upgrading your FL business’s storm defenses. If you are located in an area of high noise pollution, you should look for windows that offer noise reduction capabilities. Furthermore, consider different manufacturer’s testing and certifications. Consider the points above when purchasing commercial hurricane glass windows Florida.

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