5 Common WordPress Hosting Costs For Businesses

Businesses today are building websites on WordPress for good reason. While WordPress hosting costs are relatively low, companies gain numerous advantageous features. As a business owner trying to thrive in today’s information age, you need to obtain these features to create an internet presence. There are many expenses to consider in order to achieve this internet presence. Discover the most common WordPress hosting costs for businesses by reading this post.

Payment Plans

It is crucial to plan out what the end goal of your business’s website is from the beginning. Website hosting is offered with different forms of payment plans. By considering your goals, you can determine which plan is best for you. You might discover that you need Managed WordPress hosting instead of Shared WordPress hosting or dedicated server hosting. Most hosting providers typically have 3 or 4 different plans for you to choose from. These will range from personal to professional or e-commerce. If you are interested in having a simple website for prospective customers to preview before taking the time to visit themselves, a business plan would be right for you. However, if you are interested in trying to manage an online store, the payment plan with the most amount of functions is what you want. Keep in mind that payment plans directly impact WordPress hosting costs.

Web Hosting And Domain

Acquiring your website’s domain name and hosting service plan is relatively inexpensive and readily available. Your domain name is what users will have to enter into their browser in order to find your business’s website. You will have to pick whichever hosting plan is most appropriate for your business. While WordPress does over free shared hosting, it does not allocate sufficient resources for your business website to run without performance issues. A slow-responding website is an easy way to turn away potential customers to your business, so allocating funds to ensure that does not happen is a safe bet. Typically the fees for domain and hosting will only be about $30-$60 depending on your hosting plan and how competitive your domain name is.
These hosting costs are relatively minimal and worth investing in for the online presence of your business.

Themes And Plug-ins

Proper usage of various WordPress themes and plug-ins that are available can give your business’s website a competitive edge. WordPress sells these premium themes and plug-ins anywhere from $20 to $90 each depending on the theme or plug-in. These may become necessary tools for branding and functions for your business’s website depending on your established plan. For instance, themes and plug-ins could be one of the differences between VPS hosting vs shared hosting providers. Acquire the necessary themes and functions to manage your total WordPress hosting costs.

Design And Development

The backbone of any website, design and development should be prioritized so the website looks and works great. While WordPress does allow you to build your website for free, it is important to know when to request professionals. If you need specific needs met and you cannot achieve those needs on your own, hiring freelancers is a good way to ensure the website gets done. The cost involved may vary depending on the freelancer and the time spent on the project. Quality should not be skipped if you are trying to make a positive impression with your business’s WordPress site. Factor proper design and development into the total costs for your WordPress business site.


Investing in security for your website is crucial, and will cause problems in the future if ignored. For this reason, most new hosting companies like WordPress offer quality security features.  Websites all run the risk of security breeches, whether it be stealing personal information or taking down the entire site. Having your business’s website hacked can cause serious expenses from server downtime and lost files. To prevent this, investing about $50 per year, or $550 in the form of a one time fee, you can secure your business with a security plan from your hosting provider. In order to ensure a positive impression for your business’s website, this investment is absolutely worth the cost.

Overall, many of the costs of hosting a WordPress site for your business are dependent on your company’s size and scope. Planning the intention of your WordPress website should avoid any confusion in the future regarding the necessary expenses. Assure that the design and function of the website is not being disregarded in order to save on costs. Similarly, do not avoid allocating funding for the security of the website, to prevent issues in the future. The costs for hosting a WordPress website for your business are relatively low in the big picture, but it is still not worth avoiding most of the expenses it comes with.

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