Crucial Compliance Training Sessions To Anticipate Common Small Biz Issues

Compliance training is government mandated training for employees. It is designed to ensure understanding of laws and regulations. It is relevant in every industry for liability purposes. If you work in a regulated industry, there are universal training topics that should teach outside of the basic business acumen training. As an operations manager, you want to make sure that your company is protected from fault. These are the universal compliance training topics you should teach your employees.


Make sure you protect your company or business by implementing harassment compliance training. Workplace harassment is one of the leading causes of lawsuits against companies. Such lawsuits are unpleasant, expensive and time consuming. In these harassment training sessions, you should outline what qualifies as harassment. You should also cover the topic of appropriate and acceptable office behaviors. Point out undesirable behavior, and teach your employees to report inappropriate actions. Let them know that people interpret things differently. What they perceive as harmless may be offensive or threatening to others. By creating a safe environment for your employees, you can circumvent harassment lawsuits entirely. You also benefit by making your employees more civil and professional. This is a universal topic because it protects every company. That is why you want to make sure to protect your business by including harassment compliance training sessions in your employee development plans.


Discrimination training is mandated by the government. You want to take care to correctly implement these trainings in order to maintain compliance with federal regulations. When implementing this course, you should focus on teaching managers and human resources. These are the people within your organization that are mostly likely to be subjected to lawsuits. Teach your employees to be especially careful in matter of age, race, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation. Discrimination charges are especially problematic due to social media. Even if you avoid a lawsuit, a former employee can blast your company online. This will tarnish your company’s reputation and bring unwarranted attention. This is a basic topic that you should cover immediately, no matter what business you manage.

Workplace Conduct

Workplace conduct training is necessary for establishing boundaries with your employees. Every workplace is unique, and what is acceptable in one industry may be inappropriate in another. The first thing you should do is have each employee read the guidebook to cover basic rules. If you are noticing repeated unwanted behavior, it may be time for a training session. Set hard boundaries and establish punishments for poor conduct. Compliance training can curb unruly, repeat offenders. Maintaining a consistent office environment will also boost your company’s financial results. A positive, consistent work environment is conducive to success in every industry. These are some of the many reasons why your small business needs to conduct workplace conduct trainings to protect your business and its profit potential.

Health And Safety

Health and safety is another required training topic if you want to remain in compliance with PPE regulations. When figuring out which training to implement, first consider your industry. Each area of work has different required safety compliance training topics. Construction, research and healthcare have especially stringent compliance requirements. After conducting your research, pick a time where every one of your employees is available for training. Discuss basic safety guidelines, safety violations and proper reporting of unsafe environments. Informing your employees of proper precautions can prevent dangerous accidents. Fewer incidents means fewer lawsuits and insurance payouts to injured employees. Failure to conduct these training sessions can also result in government investigation and intervention. Keep your employees and your company safe through health and safety training, no matter what industry your small business operates within.

Confidential Information

Confidentiality training programs are imperative for all existing business organizations, including small businesses like yours. Improper sharing of confidential information is a pricey oversight for businesses. You want to establish what is considered confidential information as soon as possible. This is especially important in the government and corporate sectors. Your compliance training sessions should discuss proper handling of confidential information, including appropriate channels of communication. Discussions should also take place regarding with whom the information should and should not be shared. Firmly communicate the heavy fines that employees may be charged for inappropriately and illegally dispersing confidential information. Due to the increasing digitalization of pay structures, every industry handles confidential information in some shape or form. Avoid disastrous consequences by making sure confidential information stays confidential with confidentiality and privacy protections trainings.

Compliance training is an easy way to make sure your company is protected. Make sure to cover the basics by having harassment, discrimination, conduct, health and confidential information training sessions annually. Regardless of what teaching methodology you decide to use for conducting training sessions, follow the tips and tricks detailed above to cover all the most important topics.  You will be able to cover your bases universally by taking care of these areas. Then, you can rest assured that your business and its employees are prepared for whatever is thrown at them.

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