Computer Market Research Review Of Business Functions


Channel data management (CDM) is a tool that is used by business owners to analyze channel data. CDM raises efficiency in many areas. It also helps to create “smart” incentive programs, logistics savings and partner tools to increase user input. As a business owner, you may be interested in utilizing CDM strategies. Computer Market Research is a widely-used CDM software that can help you achieve that. It delivers an array of channel data management and channel POS solutions. If you need more information to decide whether Computer Market Research is the right program for you, here is a quick review to help you out.


Computer Market Research is a channel data management program designed to streamline channel activities and reduce conflict. One of its main features is creating real-time performance reports that show the results of your channel investments. Additionally, it features channel inventory, channel POS, deal registration, reseller profile and document management. The company provides online training and reliable technical support services. They have a wealth of solutions that can help improve your business in a multitude of ways. Computer Market Research is a comprehensive and effective CDM program in this regard.

Channel POS and Channel Inventory

Channel POS and Channel Inventory are two of CMR’s main features. Channel POS is a solution that reports and analyzes point-of-sale data by collecting, aggregating, cleaning and processing it. It handles the multi-step process at once and makes it very easy to organize POS data. Channel Inventory, on the other hand, is a web-based management module that allows manufacturers to monitor price protection and inventory levels. It is extremely useful for logistics purposes. If POS and inventory management are areas of concern for you, Computer Market Research should have you covered.

Reseller Profile And Opportunity Management

Reseller Profile and Opportunity Management are additional features that round-out Computer Market Research. Reseller Profile is a module that assists channel partners who wish to become authorized resellers for a company. It grants access to online resources that allow you to register for a reseller profile. The process is very streamlined and convenient. Opportunity Management is another module designed for channel partners. It is an online tool that allows them to register deal processes. These features make Computer Market Research an ideal program for individual and collaborative solutions.


MioDatos is a complementary platform that comes with Computer Market Research. It began as a referral marketing tool that was designed to promote small businesses through word-of-mouth advertising. MioDatos retains this feature and offers additional ones as well, including email and social media marketing platforms and social media management tools. It also comes with an entire CRM system. Most channel data management software is centered on individual tasks. With Computer Market Research, you can perform CDM, CRM and marketing tasks simultaneously. This is what makes it one of the best efficiency-raising tools for businesses.

Computer Market Research is a reliable channel data management tool that hosts an excess of features. It can organize your point-of-sale and inventory data by combining the processes into one. It emphasizes channel partner involvement by allowing easy access to reseller and opportunity management tools. It even comes with a complementary marketing platform that includes an entire CRM system. If you are in the market for CDM software, you would be hard-pressed to find a better option than Computer Market Research.

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