Why Group Buying Marketing Methods Are Beneficial For Small Business


Group buying is a marketing method that offers products and services for significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. This method can be extremely beneficial for small businesses. To learn more about group buying and what it can do for your business to help it become a wealth engine, see our top five benefits below.

New Customers

The first major benefit of group buying for small businesses is that it can help to attract new customers. Large discounts through websites such as Living Social and Groupon can draw in deal seekers that may not have learned about your store otherwise. These types of sites are also location-based so small businesses have a better chance of being featured on the site. A good promotion coupled with a positive experience can result in many loyal customers. With an increase in customers, you’ll need Business Cards Tomorrow. If you want to bring in a mass of new customers, group buying services may be for you.

Moves Inventory

If you are looking to move inventory quickly, group buying can help you do just that. Hundreds of people can sign up for a coupon or discount through a group buying site. Then, they will come in and take out-of-season clothes off of your hands much faster than a regular clearance sale. To make a high volume of sales in a little amount of time, consider using a group buying service.

Free Advertising

One of the most significant benefits of group buying for small businesses is the free advertising it provides. Millions of people use websites like Groupon every day to find great deals in their area. This can help promote your otherwise unknown business to a large number of potential customers. For a local business like Atlantic Remodeling, this is an excellent way to get noticed without having to spend money on advertisements. To spread the word about your business, consider using this kind of discount service.

Good Reviews

Another benefit of group buying is that it can draw in good reviews. If you want to build your small business’s reputation, there is no better way than through giving a large number of customers a good experience. As long as your employees are able to handle the demands of a surge of deal seeking customers, you should be able to receive rave reviews. The more people you serve, the more likely it is that someone will be buzzing about your business. This can help to draw in even more customers in the future.


Finally, another benefit of group buying services is the potential to up-sell. Offering particular products or services at a discount will draw in customers. Then, you can encourage them to purchase complimentary products or services to go along with it. If you have one of the best merchant services, this can help generate some additional revenues. Up selling will increase your business’s revenue  despite the steep discounts on other items.

Group Buying vs Collective Purchasing

Unfortunately, many do not understand the differences between group buying and collective purchasing. Modern day group buying websites are really just daily deals websites. They do not actually grant you access to the benefits of collective purchasing. Collective purchasing is a situation where a large group of people or business owners come together to leverage their power in numbers to secure lower prices for bulk products. These are two different ideas that, unfortunately, many consumers and business owners alike are unfamiliar with, similar to conveyancing. Remember to be sure of which type of buying you are considering participating in. Group buying may not be as reliable as collective purchasing.

Group buying has become wildly popular over the past few years. Websites like Groupon and Living Social provide small businesses with a way to draw in new customers. With free advertising and good reviews, your business and project deliverables could flourish from these types of services. Consider these benefits above the next time you are looking to offer a deal.

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