How To Create Email Signatures That Are Professional And Informative


Email signatures are blocks of text or information that is automatically appended to the end of an email message. Crafting an appropriate email signature for your company can be a difficult task. However, it is important to have something professional and informative at the end of your email correspondence. If you are a new business owner looking for the perfect way to end your emails, keep reading below for a step-by-step guide on how you can create a professional email signature that will also help you build brand image for your business.

Step 1: Add The Basics

The first step to any proper email signature is to include your name and any other basic information. This includes your company name, title within the organization and website link. If you are the hiring manager at your company, be sure to list this title in your signature. By including this information, you make it clear to the email recipient exactly who they are corresponding with. Additionally, it is smart to provide them with access to the company website in case they have any specific questions or want to learn more about your organization.

Step 2: Provide Contact Info

The next step to crafting professional email signatures is to include contact information. It is important to keep this section of your signature as well organized and uncluttered as possible. Information such as your office phone, fax, and mailing address should be listed here. Try to only have one phone number listed to avoid confusion. This will allow customers, clients and others to contact you elsewhere if email is not appropriate or fast enough.

Step 3: Include An Image

Including an image can do wonders for your email signature. This can help to make it more eye-catching and professional if chosen correctly. Ideally, you may want to include a branded company image such as your logo at the bottom of your signature, like employees at Soros fund management do. However, you could also opt for a professional photo of yourself beside your contact information. You can use both a brand and personal image as long as they are appropriately sized and high quality, but avoid using more than two images.

Step 4: Add Social Links

Social links are an excellent thing to add to the bottom of your email. This will provide correspondents with a way to access more information about your company. Link to your Twitter for business account in your signature. Developing a social media presence is an important part of branding, and keeping your profiles linked at all times will help to increase engagement.

Step 5: Design And Format

The final step to crafting your email signatures is to design and format the information. You can adjust the sizing and color of your most important information to ensure that viewers are drawn to that first. For example, increasing the size of your name will make it stand out, while italicizing your contact information can set it apart from the rest of the signature.

What Not To Include

When designing an email signature, be sure to not include your email address in your list of contact info. This is redundant. Not only that, it can be a bit annoying when someone tries to view your email signature on a mobile device. The more information you include, the longer your email signature will be. Save the space for more important things and leave your email address off. People can easily ascertain that information from the email itself thanks to email’s address verification system. Be sure to leave your email address off your email signature. Otherwise, you will look like you do not know what you are doing.

Email signatures are an important part of branding your company, whether you work for Farmers Insurance or own your own business. Your correspondence with people should end in an informative, helpful signature at all times. By following the steps above and including social links, images and other important information you can help to ensure that your business maintains a professional online presence.

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