How To Create Your Own Watch Brand Effectively

Do you want to create your very own watch brand? If your dream is to establish a profitable watch franchise, you need to effectively startup your company before learning how to franchise.  Nowadays a lot of boutique brands are taking advantage of the ability to cost-effectively outsource watch production to China and other countries – and you could do the same.

But before you get started on production, you first need to create your actual watch brand. The brand is far more important than the actual product in this case, and it is what will ultimately separate you from other boutique watch brands. While creating a brand from scratch is challenging, knowing the steps that you need to take can help you get off to a strong start. In this post, you will learn how to create your own watch brand.

Research Your Target Market

The first thing you should do is define your target market. Do you want your watch brand to target young hipsters, college students, professionals, executives? Once you know that you can start to research your target market and try to find out the kind of watches and designs they prefer. Pay close attention to your potential competition such as AP watches, the designs they use, their branding, and the price point they sell watches at.

Define Your Brand Identity

Based on your research you should be able to decide on the focus and tone of your brand. Look to your competitors for inspiration. Recognize frequently used words and phrases. If your successfully competitors all use similar diction, consider including it in your branding. In doing so, you will establish an appropriate tone and effectively market to your target audience. Ideally you should figure out what makes it unique, and come up with a brand statement that describes it in a single sentence. If you use enhanced brand content marketing tools, you will establish an effective brand identity and kick-start your watch company.

Select A Brand Name

After you define your brand identity, choose a brand name. It should reflect the personality of your brand and be a good fit. The slogan that you come up with should be meaningful, concise, and sum up what makes your brand unique. Furthermore, your brand name should be easy to pronounce and your slogan should be easy to remember. Then, consumers will recognize your watches online and in-person. As a result, your sales will increase.

Establish A Strong Look

Part of creating a strong brand involves consistently visually representing it. The look that you create should include the colors, font, logo and overall design style that your brand will be using. It is best to come up with a branding style guide template to ensure you can stick to a consistent look and feel. Keep your target audience in mind when choosing your design style to guarantee that your watch brand’s products sell.

Integrate Branding Everywhere

The visual elements that you choose should not just be used to represent your brand in marketing, business cards and on social media. Instead, you should integrate them in the watches that you produce as well – to establish an indelible link between them and your brand. The more extensively you integrate your branding, the stronger your brand will be.

The steps described above are really just the tip of the iceberg, but they should give you a sense of what it will take to create a watch brand. After you have created your brand, you can then look into how you want to produce the watches that you’re going to eventually sell. The decisions that you made about your brand should help you when making decisions about the design of the watches, and allow you to appeal to your target market more effectively.

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