Why Enhanced Brand Content Is A Top Marketing Tool For Online Sales

When it comes to ecommerce, there is certainly no lack of competition. This is especially true when you open a store on a popular ecommerce platform like Amazon. Amazon sellers have the hardest time getting their products noticed on the highly competitive platform. But, there are ways that you can give your products better odds at getting noticed by online shoppers. Enhanced brand content on Amazon is one of the tricks you can use to broaden your audience online. Learn all about it below.

What Is It?

What is enhanced brand content? Simply put, it is tool used by Amazon brand registered sellers that allows them to showcase the best features and benefits of their products. This is done with the help of enhanced images and special placements of text within the product details section of an item’s display page. Amazon enhanced brand content, also known as EBC, has shown to produce higher conversion rates and increased traffic and sales. However, it will not help you generate more qualified leads. Now, you just have to learn the EBC guidelines before you can benefit from one of the best ecommerce marketing tools out there.

Registered Products Only

Enhanced Brand Content is only available for products that are registered in the Amazon Brand Registry. If your products are not verified, this tool is not something you can take advantage of. However, that does not mean you cannot get your products registered. You just need to register as a third party brand seller. Then once you have, you can add EBC to any and all of your your products.

EBC Approval

EBC descriptions have to be approved by Amazon before they go live. This is important to remember, since there are no such requirement for similar Twitter tools. The formal review process may only take a day or two. But, the corrections you need to make can add some length to your timeline. If you want to take advantage of EBC descriptions in Amazon, expect the process to take at least a week or so from start to finish.

Layout Templates

EBC has a number of prefabricated templates for Amazon sellers to choose from. Currently, there are five different EBC templates. All of them allow you to upload your images and insert text that markets your product better than a simple description ever could. All you have to do is upload, insert and type your text to make marketing materials for all of the products in your Amazon store. It could not be easier for Amazon sellers to get more eyes on their products.

Language Requirements

Amazon EBC has specific language requirements that can cause requests to be rejected. Although Amazon enhanced brand content is one of the most persuasive ecommerce marketing tools, it cannot appear as such. Boastful language like “top selling product” or similar are not allowed. Nor are customer reviews or promotional information about sales or product performance. If you are creating enhanced brand content for your Amazon storefront, be sure to follow these language demands to avoid your content being rejected.

Amazon sellers can instantly make their storefronts more competitive by taking advantage of the enhanced brand content features on the ecommerce platform. This marketing tool makes your product visible to a wider audience. It can also lead to increased sales volume and store performance overall for your company. This is not something that real estate marketing has any sort of equivalent for. Get started creating EBC for Amazon as soon as you can to take advantage of these benefits.

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