Must Have CRM Software Features For Marketing Process Automation

Client management software, commonly referred to as customer relationship management software, can greatly benefit any business’s marketing department. But of course, there are some CRM products that are better than others. If you are shopping for CRM solutions for your organization, make sure whatever product you opt for includes these five must-have features.

Contact Management

Every CRM software should have some type of contact management features. This is the primary function of customer relationship management processes. Without a client’s contact information, how can you maintain a relationship? Make sure that any CRM applications you are considering feature contact management tools that make keeping in touch with customers as easy as can be. Solutions like offer features like deal pipeline management, contact databases and prospect management. Your ability to market to leads and customers is the primary role of your CRM solution.

Mobile Access

Mobile access is a must-have feature for client management programs. You will not always be at your desk when you have to communicate with clients, customers or account-holders. That is why you should consider CRM solutions with a mobile app offered for all different mobile device operating systems. This way, you can get in touch with clients on-the-go, or just have access to their account information for revenue share meetings outside of the office. If your account managers or CRM specialists are always on the move, make sure you pick a client management solution that includes access to a comprehensive mobile app.

Billing & Invoicing

Billing and invoicing features take ordinary CRM solutions to the next level. Having one centralized location to contact clients and bill them for services is an incredible luxury. This can improve efficiency and even improve cash flow problems. The faster you can bill customers, the faster your business gets paid. That means fewer cash flow management issues for you. If you are considering CRM solutions with billing and invoicing features, it may be worth shelling out a few extra dollars for these tools.


Customization capabilities are a must for all businesses. No two operations are the same. Different marketing departments do things differently; and different employees within the same marketing department have unique approaches too. The best client management software should be able to keep up and adapt to these differences. Make sure any CRM apps you consider are as customizable as your on hold messages. These customizable CRM dashboards will ensure that your employees have the tools they need within reach when they need them most. That is why you want to be certain that you opt to buy a customizable customer relationship management software that addresses these concerns.

Process Automation

High-quality customer relationship management solutions include process automation tools. These process automation features will help to increase efficiency and therefore improve employee productivity. They help automate various business process management tasks in sales, service and marketing. Not all CRM programs include these automation tools. However, you would be wise to consider those services that do.

When shopping for CRM solutions for your business, there are 5 key features that you should be keeping an eye out for. Narrow down your field of competitors to only those that meet the above qualifications. These five must-have features of client management software will you pick the best product to streamline business processes and increase efficiency throughout your company. Remember to make sure your client management solutions include features for contact management, mobile access, billing and invoicing, customization and process automation. This is sure to help with everything from click through rate to employee productivity. Once you implement your new CRM software, you will certainly be glad you did.

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