5 Custom Landing Page Design Best Practices To Boost Conversion

The best custom landing pages drive conversions. For this reason, business owners like yourself thrive to achieve custom landing page success. Unfortunately, this is no easy feat. The competitive market makes it difficult for companies to out-do their competition, especially when it comes to online presence whether you are using WordPress or Magento Enterprise. While it can be challenging, establishing a better web presence than other businesses is possible. It all starts with your landing page. After all, that is what either draws consumers into your site or pushes them away from it. Read this post to learn the custom landing page design best practices to boost conversion.

Incorporate Original Images

One of the best custom landing page design best practices for driving traffic is to incorporate original images. If you own a restaurant, you will not beat out the other local food places in your town if you use a stock image on your landing page. You need to customize your website by using photos of your restaurant, food and employees. Once you obtain high quality, original photographs, choose the most telling one for your landing page. You want to persuade consumers to continue browsing your site by showing them a glimpse of what they will find through imagery. Then, you will improve conversion through a top-notch custom landing page design.

Match Your Headline To The Ad

Keep the custom landing page design best practice of matching your headline to your advertisements in mind as well. When consumers click on an ad for 25% off of a product and end up on a page for 10% off, they will likely exit the site. After all, consumers do not receive what they were promised in such a situation. Avoid disappointing consumers by matching your heading to the advertisements you link your landing page too. Companies that do match their landing page headlines and ads throughout their omnichannel marketing often boost their sales. Custom landing page-advertisement consistency is key when it comes to increasing conversion rates.

Keep Important Information Above-The-Fold

Moreover, place all important information above-the-fold on your custom landing page. Pieces of important information include a clear headline and a value proposition. The value proposition typically appears just below the headline. With this placement, consumers see your headline before anything else on your landing page. If they like what they see, they will then read your value proposition. Those who are still enjoying their experience on your site will then continue to navigate through it. Use your best marketing lingo in your headline and value proposition to persuade consumers to continue to look through your custom landing page and entire website.

Establish A Clear Call To Action

Successful custom landing pages also establish a clear call to action above-the-fold. Some companies place their call to actions within the headline itself. If you prefer to take this route, simply write it out and include a button that says “submit”. Do not leave any room for interpretation with your call to action. Consumers often grow frustrated when they cannot figure out what the website wants them to do. If you want consumers to submit information, tell them to provide their information right from the start. Those who establish a clear call to action accomplish their custom landing page goals.

Use Social Proof

Finally, use social proof when creating your custom landing page. In order to do so, you need to understand the two kinds of social proof. The first kind is referred to as “authority social proof”. Companies who have authority social proof get support from authority figures. If a well-known online magazine featured your company, use it as authority social proof. The other type of social proof is called “people like me”. This kind of social proof provides examples of regular people like your target audience using and enjoying your products. Implement a mixture of both types of social proof on your custom landing page to convince consumers that what you have to offer is worth looking into.

Custom landing pages can either increase conversions or decrease them. Ensure that yours boosts conversion by implementing the best design practices. For instance, incorporate original images into your landing page to differentiate the marketing funnel from your competitors. Match your headline to advertisements that direct consumers to your landing page as well. Keep all important information, including your headline, above-the-fold. Create a clear call to action to simplify the process for potential customers. Lastly, use both authority social proof and people like me social proof. Follow these custom landing page design best practices to increase conversion.

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