5 Custom Plastic Bag Printing Considerations For Your Marketing Campaign

There are several considerations for using custom plastic bag printing for your marketing campaign. If you are looking to take your retail store’s brand to the next level, custom plastic bag printing could be the right investment for you. As a marketing professional, you know that consumers are bombarded with high volumes of advertisement images every day. With bags that are exclusive to your retail establishment, you are sure to send customers out the door promoting your brand. Additionally, by customizing your designs, you can control your consumer messaging. You can even create custom bag designs for your retail food business. Read on to discover several considerations for using custom plastic bag printing for your marketing campaign.

Company Logo & Design

When creating custom plastic bag prints for your advertising campaign, it is essential to consider your company logo and design. To build your brand awareness, it is essential to place your company logo on your bag. Ideally, you also want to include information about your company that could be valuable to the customer. For instance, consider printing the location of your retail establishment, phone number, website, and even social pages. These components could help direct traffic to your store and website. According to research, at least 100 billion plastic bags used annually in the U.S. come from retail businesses using these products to promote their company. This suggests that bags are more than containers, but rather, valuable marketing instruments for your company. To take advantage of these statistics, consider your company logo and design.


In addition, it is critical to think about durability as you are designing your plastic bags for your marketing campaign. Optimally, you should select a bag material with enough durability for the customer to use it multiple times. When customizable plastic bags are manufactured from the proper materials, the customer can use them to transport other items. As a result, your business can use this promotional material to spread word of your business. To find a durable material, you could look at the customer reviews for different bag materials. If you are utilizing a local print shop, you could consult with experienced printing staff on how to achieve your desired durability outcome. As you design custom printed plastic bags for your business, be sure to evaluate your material’s durability.

Bag Style & Color

Besides durability, you also need to consider bag style and color when custom printing plastic bags for your retail store’s advertising strategy. Ideally, you want to select a design with sturdy handles that make the bags easy for the customer to grab and carry. Often, you will have the choice between die-cut handles and loop handles. Additionally, you also need to select a size that is appropriate for the majority of your merchandise with regards to the products consumers typically purchase. In terms of color schemes, be sure to select a background color that compliments your business’s logo. You want the printed information from your company to stand out on the bags as well. When designing your custom printed plastic bags, assess bag style and color options to please the consumer while making your brand stand out.

Eco-Friendly Options

Moreover, you also need to consider eco-friendly options when designing customized printed plastic bags for your marketing strategy. When making this decision, you should think about the values of both your company and your customer base. For example, if your business’s mission statement is founded on sustainability, you should uphold this when custom printing your bags. By the same token, if your target consumers value the environment, opt for an eco-friendly bag option to solidify their brand love. This branding trend can also help boost consumer loyalty. Often, printing companies have biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable plastic bag options to choose from. Typically, they are sold at similar costs to other plastic bag options as well. Consider eco-friendly options in regard to your brand and niche when custom printing your plastic bags for marketing.


Furthermore, it is essential to consider your marketing department’s budget as you are custom printing plastic retail bags to improve your brand. Typically, custom bags are a relatively inexpensive advertising technique. However, your design, size, and style choices greatly impact the price. Optimally, you should select a printing company who can offer you high-quality materials, low costs, and a variety of options. Keep in mind that with most print organizations, you can save money by ordering bulk. Because plastic bags don’t take up large volumes of space as other promotional items, you can store them easily and get the better deal. As you customize your printed plastic bags for your marketing campaign, be sure to comply with your business’s budget.

There are several factors to consider when using custom plastic bag printing for your marketing campaign. For example, you need to consider company logo and design, as these are the most important aspects in terms of brand promotion. In addition, you should also evaluate durability of various materials so your customers can reuse the bags and give you more exposure. Moreover, it is essential to consider how plastic bag style and color compliment your logo design. Additionally, assess various eco-friendly options keeping your company and customer base values in mind. Furthermore, be sure that your custom bag order prices fit within your marketing department budget. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about several considerations for using custom plastic bag printing for your marketing campaign.

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