6 Trade Show Promotional Materials That Increase Brand Awareness

Promotion materials can help spread your brand during a trade show, perhaps even more than your brochures design can. By placing a brand logo on a free item given to a potential customer, a company can build awareness. Then, as the customers use it over the next few months and years, it helps to promote brand loyalty. For the marketing director planning promotion materials for a trade show, making the right choice is essential. An effective material will be a keepsake your potential customer will hold onto for a long time. An ineffective one will be thrown away almost as soon as that customer returns home. Here are the most effective promotion materials for marketing during a trade show.

Customized Pens

One of the most functional promotion materials is a customized pen. Pens baring your company’s name, logo and contact information are cheap to produce and easy to distribute. Even in the modern digital age, everybody still needs pens. Your potential customer may not even be aware they need a pen until the very second they need it. In that second, you can build positive brand recognition if they have your pen to pull out. Additionally, many of these customizable pens can include a touch screen stylus for a modern touch. This definitely expands its usefulness. The customized pen is the perfect balance between brand visibility and functionality.

Tote Bags

A promotional tote bag will spread your brand for many years after the trade show. A tote bag is immediately useful for your potential customer to carry other promotional items they received that day. This is just smart event management. However, the strength of this item is what happens after the trade show. With plastic bag bans becoming more and more common throughout the world, many customers keep such tote bags to use as reusable shopping bags. This means they will carry and display your brand logo for years to come. Free advertising for years? No business marketer could ever turn that down.

Branded Food

Branded food items can spread your brand while filling the potential customers’ needs. Regardless of your industry, all trade shows share one feature – overpriced and unhealthy food. Many potential customers will be quite hungry as they tour the booths of the show. Providing them with a pastry in the shape of your logo or a granola in a branded wrapper will build positive association with your brand. Even though this promotion material will be gone in a few minutes, it will leave a lasting impression. That is what makes food items such great promotion materials to prepare for your next trade show marketing event. If you get social influencers involved in the marketing side, you can really increase your reach with this promotional idea.

Desk Toys

Desk toys are a great promotional tool replacement for overdone paperweights. This should be a simple item to provide an interesting distraction for the potential customer at their desks. Because it applies to consumers and business owners alike, it is an effective item for customers and for business to business campaigns. It can get your logo on the customer’s desk without having to provide a reason. They will idly fool around with this toy as they talk on their phone. Without even noticing it, those clients will remember your brand. Every customer likes a little something to distract them during the day. Your desk toy can provide that distraction and improve your business outcomes.

Cell Phone Chargers

A cell phone charger can be a high-tech way to spread your brand. For many potential customers, trade shows become a battle to keep their cell phone fully charged. Many will forget or lose their chargers before or during the trade show. Provide them with a charger to keep. Also set aside space in your trade show booth design for a trade show charging station made available to all. This will establish a positive association between the customer and your brand. It will also ensure that customers spend more time in their booth as they wait for the phone to charge. Like pens, a charger device provides ideal functionality and strong brand visibility.


Furthermore, one of the most effective trade show promotional materials ideas is drinkware. Unlike many other companies at events, you could give attendees a gift that has lasting value. Moreover, you can give them something that they will actually use. From glasses to plastic cups to coffee mugs, your drinkware options are endless and highly effective. Use this B2B promotions idea to get noticed at your next trade show.

These promotion materials will leave the best impression of your company during a trade show. Customized pens are still functional and effective, despite what your Facebook business manager profile may lead you to believe. Tote bags can spread your brand for years to come. Branded food will endear you to potential customers. Desk toys are a great way to get your brand on their desk. Cell phone chargers fill a vital need. There materials will ensure you build positive brand mention, and logo visibility. Then, you can experience the benefits that only the best branded promotional items can offer your business.

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