How To Design A Label To Ensure Your Product Success

One successful marketing strategy for products is to focus on designing a unique label. As a business owner, your product’s labels are half of what sells the products. Consumers are often drawn in by factors such as visuals, text, and colors. Here are six tips on how to design a label to ensure your product’s success.

Remember Your Product

When designing a label for your product, keep your product type and product packaging in mind. First, decide where the label will go on the product. Next, figure out how much space you are willing to give the label. Remember that, the bigger the label, the less of the product your consumer will see. Consider what aspects of your actual product are important for the customer to see. Additionally, brainstorm what material you want to make your label out of. This should also be decided with the product in mind. Some materials shouldn’t be used with certain products, so make sure you have considered every possibility before making your final decision. Keep your product in mind when designing your label.

Consider Size And Shape

Now that you have considered your product, you can decide on a size and shape of your label. Figuring out the location of your label on the product should have given you a rough estimate of the space you have. This will help you with the sizing of your label. Additionally, you can determine a shape for your label. Many companies will go with a simple rectangle or circular shape for their label. Others will consider the space that they have and create their own shape. This gives you the opportunity to create a unique label, one that consumers will remember. Use the space on your product to decide on a size a shape for your label.

Unique Illustrations

The illustration on your label is going to be the first thing a consumer sees. It is proven that a consumer will remember a visual before a company name or product. Choose a unique illustration to make your label stand out. Add appropriate colors to complement your image and the product. Additionally, consider the label printing quality before deciding on your visual. If there is too much detail, the print quality might be poor. This will result in a messy-looking label. Using less detail will ensure that your illustration is simple and neat. This way, the real focus will be put on your product. Choose a unique illustration when designing your product label.

Easy Readability

Once your illustration has caught the consumer’s eye, they will look further into your label. The text on your label is going to be the most important aspect to focus on, because there are so many factors revolving around it. First, consider the font. You want to make the readability of your label as easy as it can be. Don’t choose a font that is hard to read or messy. Choose a style that goes with your company and your product. If you have a lot of text, decide on an appropriate size for your lettering. Prioritize your text, and make the most important words larger so that they stand out. Focus on the readability of your label to ensure it’s success.

Original Ideas

Use original ideas to design the perfect label for your product. Consider what makes your product special, and focus on that factor. One way to do this is to ask your customers for their feedback. This customer analysis will give you ideas on how to create an effective label. After you have an idea, don’t forget to make it your own. You can do this by making sure your product or company name is somewhere on the label. For larger labels, you can also add your contact information. This will give consumers all of the information that they need to buy your product. Use original ideas when designing your product label.

Distinct Personality

Labels are important because people remember them. In a lot of cases, you can look at a popular label, and without seeing the company name you can guess the product or the business. This is why every company puts time into designing an original label for their business. Consider different aspects of your business that stand out to customers. For other ideas, you can use customer stories to make it more personal. You want your label to be distinct, so choose the best parts of your company or product to design it. By using these unique ideas, you can make a memorable label with a distinct personality that consumers will recognize.

To design a label for your product, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Consider what product you are going to label. Use it to determine the size, shape, and color of your label. Choose a unique illustration, and give your text easy readability. For original ideas, use customer feedback and the distinct personality of your company to brainstorm. Use these tips to design the perfect label for your product.

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