Product Packaging Design Tips To Win Customers Over The Competition

Product packaging is the first thing a customer sees, besides digital signage. Naturally, you want to make a good first impression as a business. But unfortunately, it is easier said than done. If you want to create product packaging that stands out and grabs consumer eyes over the brand name competition, read below for some helpful package design tips to employ for your next product.

Consider Function First

If you want to design successful product packaging that brings new customers to your brand, you need to first consider the package functioning. Of course you want to design a cool looking package. However, a cool package design is useless if it does not keep a fragile product from damage or breakage. Make sure that your product packaging designs are, first and foremost, functional. Then you can worry about making them fun and attractive.

Consider How The Product Is Sold

The best package designs will be tailored to the way in which you sell them. If you are selling things online, and hopefully offering same day delivery, your package design may not have to use high-quality materials. The customer will not feel them until they have already bought the product, so it would be a waste of money. However, if you are selling your product in large retailers or small shops, you will need to place emphasis on standing out from all the competition lining the shelves. Decide how the product will be sold to determine how to design packaging appropriately for that venue.

Make The Purpose Obvious

One of the most common package design mistakes you see on dollar store shelves all over the country is not making the product’s purpose easily identifiable and understandable. You do not want to make customers wonder what your product is used for. This is one time when mystery and intrigue are definitely not a good thing. Make sure the purpose of your product is clear and obvious on the package, otherwise you could lose the interest of potential customers.

Choose Typography You Can Read

You may think that choosing the most unique font you can find is the best idea to make product packaging that catches consumers’ eyes. However, a package is no good if potential buyers cannot read it, even if most people just buy your product as corporate gifts. Not only should they be able to read it, they should be able to read it easily on a quick, passing glance. Choose neat, legible typography for your product packaging design in order to maintain focus on the actual product.

Use Package Design Software

Gone are the days when designing product packaging was done by hand. If you want to create the best product packaging possible, you are going to need to use a package design program. Software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape can help you create 2d product design artwork. You can even download additional software plugins to create 3d package designs. Regardless of which program you choose, make sure that you learn how to use it properly before attempting to design a package with it.

If you are creating product packaging for the first time, use these package design tips. Product design is not the only important thing to worry about. Packaging designs are the first thing a potential customer sees, so you want to make sure you create the best product packaging possible to help your product win out over the competition. These product packaging design tips will help you do just that.

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