5 Best Digital Magazine Publishing Software Features

In the past, consumers enjoyed purchasing print magazines to read for entertainment and educational purposes. However, in today’s technologically advanced market, consumers prefer reading digital magazines. With this being said, popular magazine publishers are making the transition from print to digital. They are offering consumers mobile magazines instead of printed ones. In order to do so successfully, they are investing in the top digital magazine publishing software solutions. As a magazine publisher yourself, you need to follow this trend if you want to continue to profit. Continue reading to discover the best digital magazine publishing software features to launch new online content.

Variety Of Interactive Contents

Firstly, you need to find a digital magazine publishing software that allows you to use a variety of digital contents. You are no longer limited to photos and writing as you were when you were printing magazines. The internet allows you to offer consumers more than ever. They want to purchase digital magazines with interactive elements like buttons and videos. By using these contents, you engage with readers and persuade them to continue flipping through your online magazine. You can also use mobile payment processing to make your magazine more convenient for customers. Hence, this is a necessary feature to look for in a digital magazine publishing platform.

Mobile Responsiveness

Magazine publishers also achieve their goals when they use platforms that enable them to generate mobile responsive issues. You will be able to reach more consumers when you give them the opportunity to read your work on their mobile devices. After all, most consumers are busy and do not have time during the day to sit down at home with their laptops or desktops. You can also expand your audience with this feature by incorporating social sharing features. If your consumers can read your magazines on their smartphones, they should be able to share your work on social media as well. Publishers who take advantage of this opportunity get free advertising on popular social platforms. Do not underestimate this powerful feature.

Accessible Analytics

Additionally, find a digital magazine publishing software system that supplies you with easy to access analytics. With this feature, you can easily determine which strategies work and which do not. If your sales drop after you switch up your magazine layout, you can discover that it was not the best choice quickly. In turn, you can retreat back to your old layout fast and earn your customers back. If you want to stay updated on your success rates, find a digital magazine publishing software solution with this feature.

Brand Incorporation

The best digital magazine publishing platforms also allow publishers to incorporate their brand into their magazines easily. You can put your logo design on the magazine cover or even on every page if you want. You can add your own, original brand images to ensure that your magazine is one of a kind. For these reasons, you need to find a digital magazine publishing software that enables you to portray your brand identity effortlessly.

Ability To Embed On Websites

Finally, the best digital magazine publishing solutions let you embed your issues into your website. If you embed your magazines on your already optimized website, you can increase your reach substantially. Consumers who visit your site will see your magazine and, if it appears to be high quality, they will click on it. Boost your sales by purchasing a digital magazine publishing software that supplies you with the ability to embed your issues on your website.

Although print magazines are meeting their demise, magazine publishers can still use their expertise to generate digital issues. To do so, you need to use the best publishing platforms. Find one that offers a variety of interactive elements like videos and buttons. Include mobile responsiveness in your criteria so that consumers can easily read and share your work while on-the-go. With accessible analytics, you can monitor which tactics are working and which ones are not. When you can incorporate branding elements into your magazine issues, you can boost your marketing efforts. Lastly, look for a platform that lets you embed your magazine into your website. With these best digital magazine publishing software features, you can achieve your goals.

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