How Digital Onboarding Can Improve Employee Retention Rates

Digital onboarding is becoming more and more prevalent across a number of industries. However, some HR departments have been slow to adapt their operations to incorporate this new tech solution into their hiring process. Unfortunately, that means some hiring managers are missing out on a wide array of benefits. If you are one of the few hiring managers that has not yet jumped on board the new digital onboarding solutions, find out why you should reconsider below.

Less Work

The biggest advantage of digital onboarding is that it makes less work for you and your new hires. Once you create a document once, it is easy to share with any number of new employees with WebToGo solutions. You also will not have to spend time providing training, mailing things out, setting appointments for new hires to come into the office just to fill out paperwork or sending emails explaining directions and requesting missing information. Further, your new employees will not have to take time out of their schedule to venture to the office to fill out paperwork or learn about company policy. If you want to take some work off your already full plate, digital onboarding solutions help make that possible.

More Personalized

Digital onboarding processes can be customized and personalized to each individual employee. This is a huge advantage for both sides of the exchange. With online onboarding programs, you can monitor employee progress in new hire training on an individual level and develop productivity goals while communicating openly about job expectations. You can even make a forced ranking of employee progress to encourage friendly competition and motivate employees. Onboarding platforms also give you back some of that time usually wasted on filling out paperwork, allows you more time for face-to-face interactions with new hires. If you want to personalize onboarding procedures to improve employee retention, digital onboarding platforms and other HR solutions make this a real possibility.

Better Security

Paper documents are much less secure than digital onboarding documents. That is one of the many benefits of bringing your onboarding process online, regardless of whether you are hiring an insurance consultant or a customer service representative. You can be sure that your new hire paperwork is safe and secure. This helps to establish and maintain employee trust, because they know that your priority is protecting sensitive employee data. Consider online HR management platforms if you want to keep your employee data protected in the event of a cyber attack.

Easier Document Tracking

Tracking digital documents is much easier than tracking paper forms. No one will dispute that. This is especially beneficial if you are the hiring manager at a large company. Filing and maintaining that many employee records is no simple task. When you choose to use online onboarding solutions for your HR department, you make it much simpler to maintain employee records. You also make tracking employee document completion on an individual level as easy as possible. These are considerable benefits for businesses going green or those that just want to cut down on paperwork and simplify employee file maintenance processes for their department.

First Day Benefits

Digital onboarding solutions make it possible for new hires to come to work on the first day and immediately jump into action in their new job title. When you onboard new hires online, they complete necessary paperwork and training before they ever even step foot into the building for the first time as an employee. This means they come to work on that first day prepared for their new role and the office culture at your company. This makes for a smoother work transition and will help to improve employee retention rates, studies show. If you want to streamline the onboarding process so that new hires show up ready to work on the first day, consider using new HR software that makes the digital onboarding process possible.

If you are a hiring manager, onboarding new employees is one of your most important job responsibilities. It can be a lot of work. But, it does not have to be. Consider the benefits of digital onboarding explained above. These digital onboarding advantages are sure to streamline your hiring process and improve employee retention rates. Bring your HR department into the 21st century with online HR solutions that make bringing new hires aboard an enjoyable, personalized process.

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