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WebToGo is a solutions provider for telecommunications companies. They work with companies such as T-Mobile, Samsung and Honeywell to help improve their business through a variety of cross-platform solutions like unified communications. WebToGo focuses on developing better business operations through technology. Particularly, WebToGo focuses on providing diagnostic tools to you, your employees and customers to help problem-solve issues automatically. There are four different diagnostic services available on WebToGo: Self-Service, Point-of-Sale, Repair Center and Network. If one of these sound like something that your business process improvement could use, keep reading below for more information on the many WebToGo Integrated Diagnostic services.

Self-Service Diagnostics

The Self-Service Diagnostics focus on providing automatic, everyday solutions to your customer’s problems. With WebToGo, your customers can receive help directly from their device without calling customer support. Of course, this can work with your current hosted VoIP solution.  They provide an automated assistant to guide individuals through issues with phone settings and other simple problems that would otherwise tie up your customer support employees unnecessarily. The Self-Service Diagnostics from WebToGo also includes community support, where customers can seek help from other trusted users. Additionally, this company can help guide your customers through the upgrade process, so that they get the best deal and you keep them coming back. If you want to improve your customer’s experience by providing them with reliable, automated assistance, WebToGo diagnostics is the service for you.

Point-Of-Sale Diagnostics

The Point-of-Sale Diagnostics service improves the shopping experience for both your customers and employees. Shop agents can attend to new customers without worry because WebToGo has the behind-the-scenes solutions they need. The Point-of-Sale Diagnostics features a POS system software dashboard that can be run on any Windows computer and used to diagnose any device through a simple USB connection. Additionally, this state-of-the-art in-store or mobile POS service can help keep track of inventory, provide content backup for customers and even determine a device’s buy-back value. To make the front-end job easier for your employees, consider utilizing WebToGo’s Point-of-Sale Diagnostics service.

Repair Center Diagnostics

The Repair Center Diagnostics service is designed to optimize the repair process. With this service, you can scan multiple devices at once. This way, they can be fixed that much faster. You can perform audits for damaged devices that have been examined outside of the computer repair center as well. Additionally, you can track and report the device analysis and repair process. This will foster a more transparent exchange between your repair team and your customers. WebToGo is the service for you if you are looking to improve the way devices are repaired for your customers.

Network Diagnostics

The Network Diagnostics feature helps to monitor and improve your network’s performance. You can have client apps and devices send you network quality information periodically. With this information, you can assure that the business network never falls below your quality standards. Additionally, your Network Diagnostics too can suggest the best connection available to your customers using generated heat maps. If you want to use the latest technology to help improve the network T1 connection for your customers, consider using WebToGo’s Network Diagnostics service.

Edition Updates

WebToGo version 3.1 was recently released, which presents another important point for business owners to consider. A service like WebToGo features vital technology for your business, that is why it is so important that they consistently update their products. Other similar providers may charge for a new service each time a new feature is added or tools are updated (like those for IoT analytics). However, WebToGo updates their offerings each and every time they improve their offerings. So for one price, you have access to the best technology available. This is a huge advantage to keep in mind.

WebToGo is a company that designs solutions for businesses like yours to help outsmart cyber criminals. Among their many diagnostics services, they also offer traffic management and security to keep your business safe. If you are looking to work with a company that provides reliable, simple growth solutions and encourages communication throughout your business, hire WebToGo. If you already use services from this company, let us know how your experience has been in the comments below.

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