6 Profitable Drone Business Opportunities You Can Explore Today

Now is a great time to incorporate drone use into your business. The multi-billion dollar drone industry is booming. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are quickly becoming vital tools in a variety of fields. In 2018, the drone service market size was $4.4 billion. By 2025, it is expected to balloon up to $63.6 billion. This trend provides business owners with an enticing opportunity. Drones are increasingly valuable assets for businesses. Simply put, companies can make more money by implementing drone usage into their business model. The industry’s expected growth makes now a perfect time to start using drones in your business. Here are some of the top industries with significant drone business opportunities.


Successful photography businesses can benefit greatly from acquiring drones. Drones come equipped with high-resolution cameras that take excellent aerial images. What was once an expensive feat that required a helicopter rental, is now a manageable task. These aerial images offer a unique perspective that is enticing to consumers. Drones are ideal for taking high-quality videos and images of landscapes. They provide companies with beautiful wildlife photo opportunities that were previously unavailable. Real estate agents need aerial drone photographers to record house and property footage. Companies with drones are more likely to be hired to shoot events such as weddings, festivals, and concerts. There are significant drone business opportunities for photographers.

Security And Surveillance

There is also a use for drones in the security and surveillance industry. This includes home and commercial security companies. Drones can be equipped with high-quality security cameras in order to capture reliable digital footage. Home security companies can use drones to capture live video footage of a potential intrusion and transmit it directly to a smartphone. They are also capable of notifying the police if this is required. Commercial security companies that deploy drones are more likely to secure large corporate contracts. Live drone surveillance feeds are capable of monitoring more security threats than other systems. For example, they can better detect fires and water leaks on a property. Their live surveillance footage allows security companies to monitor their client properties more effectively. This is enticing for both new and returning clients. Drones are being used to improve monitoring systems in the security and surveillance industry.

Inspection Companies

Another industry rapidly implementing drones is the inspection field. Drones can be effectively used for a wide range of inspection purposes. They can cover large areas in a short period. Inspectors no longer need to use vehicles to move through vast spaces or facilities. Instead, they can gather important information and draw relevant conclusions directly from a drone’s aerial footage. This is particularly useful for inspectors tasked with canvassing potentially dangerous areas. Inspection companies are using drones to monitor the safety and integrity of oil pipelines. They are also useful for conducting infrastructural inspections at construction sites. From wind turbine to commercial solar energy installations, drones provide wide inspection capabilities. There are thus significant drone business opportunities for inspection companies.

Equipment Rental

Equipment rental houses also benefit from drone business opportunities. As was said, drone use is rapidly increasing. Thus, the market for leasing and renting these machines is expanding as well. Equipment rental houses are benefiting from acquiring drone assets. If you own a rental house, now is a good time to invest in drones. Everyone who wants to use a drone can not necessarily afford one. Recreational flyers and enthusiasts look to rental houses when they need a drone for a short period. Customers rent drones for a short-term, specific purpose. These include documenting a holiday, a trip to the beach, or completing a film project. With drones gaining popularity, the number of people who want to try them out is increasing. This provides equipment rental houses with drone business opportunities.

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Lastly, drones have many applications in the traditional and digital advertising industry. Advertising companies use drones to offer their clients innovative campaign options. The aerial footage shot on a drone is perfect for a unique marketing video campaign. Additionally, drones are useful for banner advertising. Banner ads that use to be flown by helicopters and small planes are now driven by drones. This cuts costs significantly and provides businesses with a larger advertising radius. Thus, advertising companies who deploy drones are more appealing to potential clients. The advertising field is another industry benefiting from drone business opportunities.

Power Line Inspection

Of course, drone technology will have a major impact on the power line inspection industry. Drones can be used to inspect inherently dangerous structures where human access in infeasible. Commonly, drone technology has been used to inspect rooftops, power lines, and construction sites. Using these solutions, inspection companies can improve safety, enhance planning, and revamp the efficiency of their operations. With reliable thermal cameras, sensory equipment, and high-def recording, drones are an optimal solution to conduct professional site inspections.

Drones can be used practically across a wide range of industries. High-resolution cameras provide photographers with creative options for aerial coverage. Security and surveillance companies use live-footage to monitor their properties closely. Drones allow inspectors to monitor large properties more efficiently. Equipment rental houses benefit from leasing these machines. Advertising companies deploy drones for more effective banner ad campaigns. These are just some of the industries with significant drone business opportunities.

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