5 Best Types Of Excavators For Construction Businesses

Construction companies are only as successful as their equipment is powerful. Leading businesses in the industry purchase high quality excavators to complete jobs more efficiently. As the owner of a construction company, you are well aware of how beneficial excavators are. You can use this machine to dig trenches, holes and foundations quickly. Many businesses also use excavators to dredge rivers and handle heavy materials. Take your company’s operations to the next level with the following best types of excavators for construction businesses.

What Are Commercial Excavators?

Excavators are machines that contractors use in construction and engineering sites, among others. They are heavy duty machines that can excavate different kinds of soils. The market has different types of excavators that perform various activities like dredging, construction, handling materials, landscaping, and demolition, among others. But when you are procuring a machine, it is thoughtful to consider the availability of excavator parts to make sure you go for the correct thing. So, narrow down to these details to understand more about these machines.

Suction Excavator

People use this type of machine to clean debris and conduct digging projects. At times, folks regard it as the vacuum machine. The equipment comes with a pipe that assists users in removing loose debris as well as soil.
Before it carries the excavation process, contractors use water jets to make the ground loosen. So, you should use the machine in places that need a safe and careful examination.

Pros Of Suction Excavators

  • The machines reduce the chance of destroying underground utilities and the surrounding area.
  • It comes with a water jet that can help you to make the ground weak for excavation.

Cons Of Suction Excavators

  • The pipe is not long enough to use it in large-scale sites.

Dragline Excavator

This is one of the large and heavy-duty machines in the market. Contractors use the machine when it comes to large scale sites. It uses the dragline and hoists rope system to enable the machine to raise, drag, and lower soil.
The system helps contractors to excavate the underwater soil.

Pros Of Dragline Excavators

  • It can help you to dig the soil to a depth of up to 213 feet.
  • This piece of construction equipment is convenient for mining sites and places that have water.

Cons Of Dragline Excavators

  • The equipment is large. So, it makes the machine inflexible to conduct various tasks.

Crawler Excavator

Some people refer to the crawler machine as the compact equipment because it possesses a high horsepower. So, you can use it to mine soil in places that require heavy-duty machines. You can also use it to elevate soil and debris. Moreover, the machine has a wheel system that makes it convenient for climbing hilly and grading areas. Therefore, the machine has minimal risks of falling down on landscape areas.

Pros Of Crawler Excavators

  • The machine is perfect when it comes to uneven terrains.
  • It is a heavy-duty machine that you can use on large-scale projects.

Cons Of Crawler Excavators

  • The equipment works slowly when compared to other wheeled excavators.

Long Reach Machine

As the name suggests, this machine has boom sections and longer arms. The design that comes with the equipment makes users operate it properly in different locations. You can consider adjustable arms and used excavator parts to dig the soil to a depth of up to 100 feet. So, this machine is perfect when it comes to demolition projects, such as breaking the walls and crumbling structures.

Pros Of Long Ranch Machines

  • The equipment comes with an adjustable arm that makes the contractor excavate soil safely.
  • It is one of the heavy-duty machines that you may use to demolish structures and excavate the soil.

Cons Of Long Ranch Machines

  • It has a long arm that prevents contractors from excavating in constricted spaces.

Skid Steer Machine

Unlike ordinary excavators, this machine consists of buckets and booms that are located away from drivers. These features allow contractors to take tricky turns and maneuver to narrow places.
For this reason, you can use the equipment when it comes to residential work, removal of debris, and digging of pools. Before instructing workers to use these machines, ensure that you have the best types of construction insurance. That way, you can use the best equipment and stay protected simultaneously.

Pros Of Skid Steer Machines

  • You can use the equipment to clear pools and remove debris.
  • The availability of booms as well as buckets makes the machine maneuver to different places, including narrow ones.

Cons Of Skid Steer Machines

  • It is a wheeled machine. So, it will not do well in snowy, muddy, or sandy terrains.

Mostly, companies use excavators when it comes to landscaping, engineering, and construction projects. You can use the machine in various ways. Use this guide to choose the best excavator for your next construction project.

Here are other types of heavy machinery for construction:

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